September 17, 2010

Stop Before You Start: An Update on the GRS Blog Project

Ah, life. Sometimes it gets in the way of the other stuff I really want to do. When I announced the GRS blog project in July, I thought it sounded like a swell idea. I’d revive one of my many dormant blogs and document the process as I attempted to make it produce hobby-level income. […]

5 Mega Companies and Their Founding Facts (and Myths)

Link: ShareThisAs business owners, it's easy to be drawn to real-life success stories of businesses that started with nothing and wound up as empires. […]

Homemade Gift Series #1: Vanilla Extract

For the last few years, one of the most prized possessions in our pantry has been a gigantic bottle of imported Mexican vanilla extract. It’s not that imitation stuff that you get on sale at the store, with weak vanilla flavor and added sweetener. This stuff is pure unsweetened vanilla extract. […]

The Best Low Interest Credit Cards, October 2010

As credit card issuers continue to look for new ways to generate revenues lost from the Credit Card Act of 2009, finding a low interest credit card to make expensive purchases, when saving for the purchase ahead of time is not an option, is becoming more and more difficult. […]

Best Money Tips: Is Day Trading for You?

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we ask if you have what it takes for day trading, give the best places to retire, and help you find a job with some new iPhone apps! Top 5 Articles Day Trading: Do You Have What it Takes? […]

On Homemade Christmas Gifts

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were chatting about some of the best Christmas gifts we’ve ever received. Many great Christmas memories from childhood came up, as did some other great memories from various holidays since our marriage. […]

Low Cost Ways to Dress Your House for a Quick Sale

ShareThisNo matter how much marketing you do or how good your real estate agent is, if you want your house to sell quickly, you need to make sure that it shows well. The good news is that a few simple, often cosmetic, changes will make the world of difference to buyers. […]

5 Apps for Business Owners on the Go

ShareThisIf you're a business owner, chances are you have a smartphone. Whether it is a Droid, iPhone, or BlackBerry, these high-tech handheld gadgets are essentially on-the-go computers, able to perform numerous advanced automated tasks. […]

Kiplinger’s New Money Rules Sound Familiar

In the September issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, the editors shared twelve “new rules” for your money, although most of them do not sound new at all. Fundamentals don’t change, but the general consensus point of view does. […]

Your Take: Magic Income Number

The WSJ reported a couple weeks ago on a study by Princeton economist Angus Deaton and psychologist Daniel Kahneman that: The magic income: $75,000 a year. As people earn more money, their day-to-day happiness rises. Until you hit $75,000. After that, it is just more stuff, with no gain in happiness. The conclusion came from a series of Gallup surveys of 450,000 Americans in 2008 and 2009. […]

Dinner with the Diehards: A Chat About Investing

It’s been a long time since I wrote about investing at Get Rich Slowly. I haven’t abandoned the subject, but my mind has been on other things. Besides, I’ve been practicing what I preach. I’ve invested my money in low-cost index funds (and some bonds), and I never make a trade. Because I know it pays to ignore financial news, I have. […]

Ask Stacy: Last Lessons for My College Kid?

This week we look at a question regarding a soon-to-be graduating student and the potential expiration of the so-called Bush tax cuts. […]

Are You Ready to Move to Get a Raise?

Here's an interesting article from Asset Builder that I found while reading AllFinancialMatters a few weeks ago. A summary of the piece: Get ready for one of the largest corporate migrations in history. It will happen of necessity as managements try to find ways to do things for employees without increasing payroll costs. […]