October 29, 2010

Homemade Gift Series #7: Crocheted Hat and Scarf

My wife, Sarah, loves to make homemade functional items, particularly ones that give her hands busywork when she’s doing something like watching a movie or rocking a baby. Thus, it’s not surprising that crocheting is a natural match for her. This year, she elected to make a crocheted hat and scarf set for one particular relative (and is considering making a second set). […]

When Settling Costs You More

This is a guest article by Stella Louise, editor of Blog & Save from Savings.com.I was my neighborhood T.J. Maxx recently debating between two pairs of boots: Both were low heel, knee-high black boots, but one was a more trendy version with black stretch panel inserts by a reputable brand name, while the other pair were basic, classic and unadorned and by a more premium shoe maker. […]

Friday Finance Findings for October 29th

Happy early Halloween. Hard to believe we’re just a few days from November already. What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that some stores are already beginning to offer Black Friday sales nearly a month before traditional Black Friday. Seriously? Can’t we enjoy October and most of November in peace? […]

Making It All Work – Getting Control: Reflecting

This is the eighth entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. […]

Deconstructing the Deal

What are the essential components of every good deal? What methods work time and time again to ensure that you pay less for item X? There are dozens of ways to define and score a good deal, and people usually stick with their tried-and-true methods year after year when making purchases large and small. […]

Waste Not, Want Not: Stop Throwing Away Your Food!

Americans waste a lot of food. Every year, we throw away approximately 30 million tons of food. Don't worry (or do!), we're not alone; apparently those goody-goody Swedes throw away roughly a quarter of the food that they buy. […]

Co-Signing for a Loan: 4 Things to Consider First

ShareThisThere are many situations where you might be tempted to co-sign for a credit card or loan. […]

Your Opinion: Will You Buy GM Stock or Cars?

In April, I noted that General Motors repaid taxpayers for the company’s government-initiated bailout loans in full. […]

Your Take: Homemade Halloween Costumes Are Awesome, or Cheap?

There’s been a bit of a row over Target’s advertisement slamming homemade costumes (video after the jump) and it’s no wonder – homemade halloween costumes are awesome. In fact, the homemade Iron Man costume in the advertisement is pretty good relative to some of the things I’ve been able make. […]

Ask the Readers: Is It Okay to Refinance a Mortgage to Get Cash for Other Goals?

I have a backlog of “ask the readers” questions since I didn’t publish any while I was vacationing over the past month. As soon as possible, I’ll get to those I’ve promised to post. Today, however, I wanted to share a question from Kristine, who wrote to me earlier this week. Kristine is trying to decide whether she should refinance her mortgage. […]

Ask Stacy: Do I Have Too Many Credit Cards?

Reader question: I've got 10 credit cards, most with zero balances. I'd like to close some - but won't that hurt my credit score? […]

Deciding If You Should Have a High Deductible Health Plan

As a followup to Wednesday’s article on whether or not you should use your employer’s HSA custodian, I wanted to talk a bit about deciding whether or not to switch to a high deductible health plan (HDHP). […]

The Dos and Don'ts of Paying for College

The book Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching off My Parents ends with a couple sections I think are worth sharing as we wrap up my series of posts on this book. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Oct 25

Let's start off with a reminder: FMF is on Facebook. Every weekday I post a couple pieces that usually aren't on FMF (though this week is light since I'm on vacation). […]

Don’t Let Costly Auto Repair Estimates Get You Down

There’s nothing more intimidating (and frustrating) for a woman than being treated as if we aren’t smart enough. Unfortunately, some of this thinking prevails, particularly in male dominated settings. How many of us feel truly confident with a visit to the mechanic? Do you really know what they’re doing under the hood? […]