November 12, 2010

Lending Club Investors Get $100, Borrowers Get Lower Rates

On the peer to peer lending front, Lending Club has a few developments to report. They offer one way where you can invest in fixed income securities and a less traditional way to put your money to work. The idea is to fund the loans of borrowers “directly” through the use of a “match making” network that brings borrowers and lenders together. […]

Homemade Gift Series #9: Handmade Ornaments

This year, we decided to make a big batch of handmade Christmas tree ornaments for our home, just to make some “homey” Christmas items to decorate with. We decided to make them in the style of Christmas sugar cookies, with dough that would harden and look roughly like such cookies. […]

Blue Cash from American Express Review

You may have noticed the high ranking for the Blue Cash® from American Express on our best cash back credit cards page. I own the business version of this credit card and use it for all of my business purchases and some bills. […]

Making It All Work – Getting Perspective on the Runway: Next Actions

This is the eleventh entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. […]

Extreme Couponing: What’s Your View?

I understand folks wanting to save money on groceries. However, while at the grocery store this past Saturday night, I witnessed some hard core couponing. The guy ahead of me in line bought something like 24 cans of Chunky Soup for $1.95 total. That works out to roughly $0.08 per can. So how did he do it? […]

Ask Stacy: Why Can’t I Get My Free Credit Report?

A certain number of people will believe whatever you say on TV, providing you say it often enough. Example? "" […]

Kim Kardashian Prepaid Debit Card: Worst Product of the Year?

Update: The Kardashian Kard has been taken off the market due to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s concern over the prepaid debit card’s over-sized fees.If you’re the type of person to be outraged by credit cards companies marketing to kids, you probably are not a fan of the Kardashian Debit Card (or “Kard”). […]

7 Frugal Lessons from Great-Grandmother

If there is anything good that came out of the financial disaster we just experienced, it's the general public's attention to frugal living and the realization that money does not, in fact, appear out of thin air. […]

Your Take: Should People Get Homes for Free?

If you’ve been following the latest round in the foreclosure mess, you’ve probably read about how some banks have lost the loan documents for some mortgages. The gist, as I understand it, is that after mortgages were signed, some of the larger banks would enter the data into the MERS registry (which is owned by large banks). […]

Are Outlet Malls Worth Your Time?

One of the bonuses of traveling for work is discovering new things in the towns where I travel, like a great restaurant, boutique, or indie movie theater. I came across one such find last month that gave me particular joy — an outlet mall. […]

Ask the Readers: How Can We Afford to Buy a House?

Though they could fall farther, housing prices are starting to seem reasonable again in many parts of the United States. Mortgage rates are cheap, too. Naturally, that means some GRS readers are beginning to express an interest in buying a home. But prices are still high in a lot of places — including Washington, D.C., which is where William lives. […]

America's Most Affordable Cities

Yahoo lists America's most affordable cities as follows: 1. Oklahoma City, Ok2. Pittsburgh, Pa.3. Buffalo, N.Y.4. Rochester, N.Y.5. Nashville, Tn6. San Antonio, Tx.7. Houston, Tx.8. Louisville, Ky.9. Birmingham, Ala.10. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Nov 8

Let's start off with a reminder: FMF is on Facebook. Every weekday I post a couple pieces that usually aren't on FMF. […]

Comparing Whole Life Insurance vs Term Life Insurance

I have a few insurance agents in my family who tell me that quite a good number of customers aren’t familiar with the differences between whole life insurance and term life insurance. In fact, a lot of folks tend to think that life insurance comes in one flavor. Of course, that’s not the case. […]