December 20, 2011

List Of Free eBooks On Wealth Topics

Thanks to popular e-readers like the Kindle and Nook, financial ebooks are more available than they were a few years ago. I’ve searched for engaging and informational titles, then compiled a list that includes a number of free financial ebooks. […]

The Difference Good Performance Can Make

Yahoo includes the following information in a recent post on how to earn more without giving up your whole life: There are real rewards for a company's best workers. Top performers received average base-pay increases of 4.4% this year, compared with 2.8% for average performers, and 0.4% for the lowest performers, according to Mercer, a human-resources-services provider. […]

Change for a Dollar

Every once in a while, something just appears out of nowhere and strikes the perfect chord in your life. Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a link to a short YouTube film, Change for a Dollar. Here’s the video. Please, take the time to watch this. For me and for a lot of us, December is filled with spending money on things for others. […]

Two Credit Card Options to Avoid

Contrary to what the banks and card companies want you to believe, credit cards don’t exist for your benefit. They exist to make money for the company issuing the credit and there’s no doubt that they make money. As of November of 2011, American Express reported a profit margin of 15% while Visa report nearly 37%. […]

I Need Some Quick Feedback

I'm in the process of picking the best post of 2011 from the winners of the Best of Money Carnival. I've narrowed it down to these five, but I need your comments on them. […]

Now's the Time to Give

Just a note for those of you who are looking to make an end of year charitable contribution and want to help families who are less fortunate: the FMF $20k Challenge is still on until December 26. Up until that time I will match, dollar for dollar, contributions to the Salvation Army, up to a grand total of all contributions of $20,000. […]

Discover More Card $150 Signup Bonus

This is just a quick note to let you know that the Discover More card is currently offering a $150 signup bonus. […]

Kids & Money: Saying No to Your Children

It’s hard to say no to our kids. We want our children to be happy, and enjoy life. At first glance, it might appear that giving your kids everything is the way to make them happy. […]

How to Give Your Budget a Tune-Up

This is a guest post from Jessica Ward. It happens to many of us: we design a lean, mean budget, but over time, like a worn-out rubber band, it begins to lose its pull. Sure, it’s still there and still performing its duty, but it isn’t the well-tuned machine it used to be. You might have experienced some “lifestyle creep” — little things, which add up over time. Is your budget doing its job? […]

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Which One is Right for You?

ETFs and Mutual Funds Both Have Advantages – Find Out Which One is Best For You Lately I’ve received a few questions from readers asking about the difference between an ETF and an index or mutual fund, and which one is better. Well, as with almost all things, there are pros and cons to each. […]

Tips for a Top Resume

Forbes has an interview with a top job recruiter and lists his top tips for a great resume. They are: Avoid the fancy-schmancy layout, font, and other special effects. Stick to traditional font of Times New Roman, 9 to 12 point size, and black type against a white paper. […]

Frugality Plays Role in Bringing Tech to New York City

Michael Bloomberg, the king-slash-mayor of New York City (will he increase term limits again to stay in his position?), has announced that Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology will be transforming 11 acres on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island into a graduate school for technology. […]

Does a Basement Greenhouse Really Save Money?

When I was a child, my father used to grow plants in our basement all year long. I remember going down there in the middle of the winter with several inches of snow outside, only to find tons of tomato and pepper plants thriving under an array of grow lights. I remember how the basement smelled like fresh spring while the rest of the house smelled like… well, a winter home. […]

Wine Online — Savings Tips for Frugal Sips

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a personal finance column for MSN Money, and writes about frugality and intentional living at Surviving And Thriving. Since she just found out she is going to be a grandmother, expect to be bombarded with cute-baby anecdotes about seven months from now. More than one million wineries currently operate worldwide. […]

$50 TradeKing Inactivity Fee

I’ve long touted TradeKing as a great discount broker because they have low commissions ($4.95 a trade) and no account minimums. Unfortunately, there’s been a change and they will now be assessing an annual $50 inactivity fee on accounts that have a “combined household account value of less than $2,500″ or have not made a single trade in an entire year. […]

Ask the Readers: What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?

Congratulations to Olivia & Will's Fine Children's Furniture, Peggy Davis, and RazzBari for winning this week's contest! With the holiday season in full swing, gift giving is under way. Throughout the holidays, you received many gifts that you liked. But chances are there is one gift you’ve received that you absolutely loved and will always remember. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? […]

15 Ways to Exercise in Under 5 Minutes

You've probably heard of interval (or circuit) training — it has to do with interspersing regular workouts with short, intense bouts of activity, and getting better results. Interval training can be helpful even for people who aren't highly athletic. Pressed for time? Hate going to the gym? That shouldn't keep you from engaging in basic interval training. […]

Gift Ideas for the Frugal

What do you buy for people who hate to spend money? You would think the answer is to get that designer scarf that they would never buy for themselves, but extravagance is not usually the route to a frugal heart. As a cheapskate myself, I can tell you there is nothing I love better than receiving a gift that will help me save money throughout the year. […]

Best Money Tips: Cut the Cost of Your Coffee Addiction

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on cutting the cost of your coffee addiction, what to do if your wallet gets lost, and returning gifts without hassle. Top 5 Articles Five Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Coffee Addiction — Want to cut the cost of your coffee addiction? Try signing up for rewards programs. […]

Reader Profile: BG

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]