February 27, 2012

Five Things to Look for When Choosing Online Colleges

When it comes to online colleges, not all are created equally. Many schools and universities are unaccredited which means that their degrees and other qualifications are not accepted by some employers. […]

Buying Bonds? Effect of Interest Rates on Bond Value vs Yield

Before answering these questions, let’s touch on a few investing basics. Whenever you consider any investment, it’s crucial to investigate how the holding fits in with your risk tolerance and goals. Bonds are considered less risky or volatile — meaning their price movements vary less than those of stocks. Conventional investing wisdom recommends that by [...]Buying Bonds? […]

FMF Cruise Review, Part 8

This is a follow-up post to part 7.This is the last post in this series.Tuesday, January 24Our last day on vacation was spent at sea.It was a pretty quiet day for us on the ship. Here's the quick run-down: Up at 8:30 am Breakfast Played ping pong and a few other games Lunch Hit the pool. […]

Open Up a 401(k) or 403(b) Now (57/365)

This tip is directed at everyone who has a job where a 401(k)/403(b)/other individual retirement savings plan is available, but you’ve not yet signed up for it out of laziness, forgetfulness, or some other non-retirement-based reason. […]

Healthy Habits that Aren’t So Healthy for Your Wallet

We’re all much more health conscious thanks to the educational efforts of the medical community as well as the manufacturers of all of those must have health products. […]

Don’t Forget these Important Tax Documents

As you prepare to file your taxes, it’s important to make sure that you have all of the forms you need. Whether you prepare your own taxes, or take them to an accountant, there are a few must-haves when it comes to your tax documents. Make sure that you are ready — well ahead of time — with the documents you need. You don’t want to be scrambling to put everything together at the last minute. […]

Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

Last week, the White House released a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. This isn’t a law or regulation, but a set of guidelines that could possibly underscore future actions by Congress and enforcement by the Federal Trade Commission. […]

A New Safe (And Giveaway for FMF Readers!)

Remember when I posted about the safe I received from SentrySafe (by the way, I like it and am putting it to good use)? Well, they emailed me recently and wanted to know if I'd look at another one of their safes. […]

Who Pays for Credit Card Rewards?

As much as consumers love their reward credit cards, many merchants hate them. And maybe we should, too. Why? Because whenever you swipe a credit card, merchants get dinged for a 1-3% interchange fee. And guess what? Those interchange fees go, in part, toward your credit cards rewards. In other words, credit card rewards contribute to the costs associated with card processing. […]

Facebook Recommend Button

For as much as is written on Bargaineering, I rarely write about Bargaineering but today I wanted to point out a button we added a few months ago in order to increase the popularity of the site. Underneath each title, next to the Email and Print buttons is a Facebook Recommend button. […]

The Best of Money Carnival

The Best of Money Carnival is now up. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, Does Blogging Affect Your Work? I Think So. Enjoy! […]

Reader Mailbag: Pulling Up Friends

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Buying a rental property 2. Building focus 3. Using a bad 401(k) 4. PMI or empty emergency fund? 5. NCAA tournament brackets in office 6. Employer 401(k) matching 7. Tiredness 8. Board games with kids 9. […]

Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio

This is a guest article by Jacob, creator of the personal finance blog, My Personal Finance Journey. […]

Home Insurance and Pipes that Go ‘Pop’ in the Night

This is a guest post by Suzanne Clemenz, who writes for Insure.com. Suzanne designed her passive solar home and remodeled two others. […]

Tracking Your IRS Refund

If you filed your taxes already (kudos to you!), you probably want to know where your refund from the IRS is. They’re quick to collect the money, but are they quick to pay out? […]

What Is Your Net Worth?

Net worth is one of those terms that gets tossed around a lot, but is often misunderstood. While many people assume that a big house, a nice car, and designer clothes are signs of wealth, they aren’t always signs of signs of net worth. This is because the net worth equation has two sides: one is assets, and the other is debt. […]

Lifestyle Upgrades: Beware the Diderot Effect

Every noticed how upgrading one thing means you have to upgrade another? There's a name for that — the Diderot Effect. (See also: Have Style, Not a Lifestyle) We've just lived through an example of the phenomenon, because our apartment manager has just installed a bunch of upgrades in our apartment. It happened like this: The very old kitchen faucet started leaking, requiring a new fixture. […]

Best Money Tips: Free Ways to Prep Your Home for Disaster

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on free ways to prep for a disaster, how NOT to raise a spoiled child, and writing a terrific cover letter. Top 5 Articles 5 free ways to prep your home for disaster — Create an insurer emergency contact list, complete with policy details. […]

How to Preserve Your Relationships When Circumstances Change

When circumstances change, relationships can suffer. Couples, families, and friends may have a difficult time adjusting to new realities — even improved ones. Life's milestones and events that bring joy, such as a graduating from college, landing a great job, having a baby, winning a business contract, or gaining professional recognition, might strain relationships just as much as losses can. […]

Help a Reader: New Mortgage

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I have a bit of dilemma I’m hoping readers can help me with.  I purchased a home at the end of 2008, with a rate of 4.75%.  I still owe PMI until I’ve reached 20% equity.  My area has not seen the worst of the economic downturn, but housing prices have taken quite a dip.A local bank is offering to refinance with as little as 5% equity, and they […]