May 25, 2012

Know How To Calculate Your Portfolio’s Total Return

Because of my interest in finance, I’ve been approached by many family members, friends and coworkers to discuss a myriad of financial issues. […]

Keep It Clean and Minimize the Dust (145/365)

For about five years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I worked in computer system support. One of my chief responsibilities during that time was to keep three different rooms full of computers running. Most of these computers were mid-1990s Macintoshes, so the rooms were full of lots of beige boxes. […]

Credit Card Closed Due to Inactivity

We recently received a letter from Citi about our ThankYou Rewards card. As it turns out, they were writing to let us know that they had closed our account due to an extended period of inactivity: We have closed your Citi ThankYou account due to the length of time that has passed since it was last used. […]

Roundup: Fake Fancy Wine is Still Fancy

You’ve probably heard of the study where, in a blind taste test, most people can’t tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. In fact, and this is a well know psychological idea, people trick themselves into believing more expensive wines taste better simply because it’s more expensive. I know this is true for me. […]

Meal Planning: Save time and money in your kitchen

Tasty Trash: The $55 million Squawkfox Food Waste Challenge is a series aimed at helping your family save up to $1,500 this year by reducing food waste. The environment may also thank us. To start from the beginning, read the introduction. At 3AM I knew something was wrong. Like usual, I was perched on my sofa stuffing a bottle into my baby’s mouth, trying my best to appease her hungry tummy. […]

The Latte Factor: Your Spending Reflects Your Priorities

The concept of the Latte Factor is one of the most divisive issues in personal finance. Money gurus get so worked up over whether the Latte Factor is a valuable lesson in money management that one might think the issue were as important as war, the national debt, or capital punishment. […]

Finding the Path Again

Every so often, I hit what I call a “valley” on my road to financial freedom. It’s usually during a period where I’m between two goals. I achieved something a while ago and the glow from that has worn off, but the next milestone is still pretty far off. It’s also usually when I’m going through a challenging time in some other area of my life. […]

Your Take: Should the US Punish Saverin?

Last week, before Facebook IPO’d, a lot was made about Eduardo Savarin renouncing his citizenship last November. It was claimed that he renounced citizenship so he could avoid paying capital gains taxes on his share of Facebook, which is pegged to be worth several billion dollars. […]

Ask the Readers: Items Worth the Extra Money?

From time to time, I get queries from reporters asking me to comment on particular personal finance topics. I do my best to help these folks, especially when they ask something interesting. Recently, Katie from CNBC dropped me a line with a question that actually stumped me: For which things should people be willing to spend extra money? […]

Make Your Dream Career a Reality for Less Than $100

Why are we constantly pinning our happiness on events yet to happen? “I'll be happy when I get that promotion.” “When the kids are out of school, things will be easier.” “Once I'm out of debt, I can buy that new [whatever], and then I can move forward with life."  Maybe these examples are right on the mark. Maybe that promotion will make you happy. […]

Best Money Tips: Money Questions to Consider Before Marriage

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on money questions to consider before marriage, Memorial Day discounts, and expenses you won't have in retirement. Top 5 Articles 50 Money Questions to Consider Before Marriage — Before you get married, discuss debt and health insurance with your future spouse. […]

Wise Bread on Marketplace: Justifying Frugality

I'm back on American Public Media's Marketplace Money this weekend, chatting with the always-wonderful Tess Vigeland about justifying your frugal lifestyle (or, moreover, not feeling like you should have to). […]

Thoughts and Advice from FMF Readers

Much of the quality content here at FMF comes from the comments. There's a lot of wisdom, experience, and good advice on almost every post as readers with some great perspectives leave their thoughts. […]