August 7, 2012

Bank on the Advantages of Credit Unions

In recent years, I’ve sometimes been stuck in lines at my bank that made me feel like time had stood still. Whenever this happens, I and other customers wait. And wait. And wait some more. Eventually, we all begin giving out like-sounding sighs. Then we start rolling our eyes. […]

Lowered The Interest Rate On Our Current Mortgage

I have just completed and mailed the paperwork necessary to lower the interest rate on our current mortgage. As I mentioned just a few days ago, my wife and I have been considering refinancing our mortgage.  Interest rates on a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage are significantly lower now than they were when we financed our home nearly three years ago, so we decided to do some research. We contacted sev […]

Eliminate Smoking and Minimize Drinking (219/365)

Whenever you consume something, it has some cost. In the immediate sense, you have to pay for what you just consumed. You bought the beverage, you bought the food, and so on. […]

Ways Online Video Can Save You Money

YouTube started as a fun way for people to share their videos, but it didn’t take long for it to change into an online resource that can help support your hobbies and help you to save money.  Now, there are many other video sites on the Internet that can save you literally hundreds of dollars every year.  If you don’t think it is possible, consider all of these sites that can help you save some se […]

Could You Benefit from an Accelerated MBA?

My program at Syracuse University was an accelerated MA. I started going to school ahead of fall semester, and finished up during the summer semester almost a year later. I still had all of the credits required for a Master’s degree, and I still completed a rather challenging project (plus took more than one class requiring a large research paper). […]

Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card: Two Free Weekend Nights

If you travel frequently and are interested in earning points to redeem for stays at Hilton’s family of hotels, car rentals, vacations, or experiences, you may be familiar with the Hilton HHonors program. The Hilton HHonors program awards its members on eligible purchases with at least 3 HHonors Bonus Points per dollar spent and up to 10 HHonors Bonus Points per dollar spent. […]

Should I Give My Adult Children Cash Gifts?

Monica writes in: Some of your recent articles have touched on an issue that has really troubled me for a while. I have two children, both in college. […]

Types of Insurance Policies You Must Have

While it is possible to obtain insurance for nearly anything these days, there are certain policies that every responsible person needs to protect themselves. […]

Devil’s Advocate: Bonds Are Not Safe

Read enough investing advice and one of the classic “rules of thumb” is that your investments should be “diversified.” It’s hard to argue against the advice that you shouldn’t have all of your investing eggs in one basket because it’s usually sound advice. It breaks down when you start wondering which baskets you should be putting your eggs in! Should you put it in five baskets? Evenly? […]

Is Now a Good Time to Rent?

This post is by staff writer Sarah Gilbert. I asked, as I sometimes do, what personal finance question my friends and Twitter followers had for me. It was a slow day on the internet and the responses flooded in. My friend Neil asked, “what do you think about real estate?” A broad question, indeed, and I got him to clarify. “You know… should I buy a house? Why not just rent?” Why not indeed. […]

Ask the Readers: Is There Anything in Your Budget You Could Live Without?

Almost everyone knows the difference between needs and wants. Needs are things you absolutely must have in order to get by while wants are more luxury items you might not need. Everyone knows one of the best ways to save money is to reduce spending money on wants. […]

25 Great Things to Do With Your Spare Change

For many, spare change accumulates all over the house — piling up on night stands, in the dryer, in candy dishes, and in our cars. Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you really have each year in the form of loose change? […]

Savings Rates Below Inflation? Save Anyway

When savings rates are below the inflation rate, it's easy to think, "Why should I save? Even after the interest, I'm losing money!" But there are two good reasons to save, even in the face of a negative return. […]

Best Money Tips: 4 Phone Calls That Could Save You Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on phone calls that could save you money, things you should do this month, and getting rid of your overstuffed wallet. Top 5 Articles 4 Phone Calls That Could Save You Money Today — Calling your county office to appeal your property taxes could save you money! […]

5 Wise Uses for Milk of Magnesia

Most bathroom closets have a bottle or two; the famous, white liquid is a go-to solution for tummy troubles of all types. While milk of magnesia is remarkably affordable, it is also one of those cabinet staples that can sit and get crusty in between the times you really need it. Here are five other sticky situations that milk of magnesia is good for handling. […]

My Road to Becoming a Landlord

Over the past several months, a few events have conspired to make me consider investing in rental real estate. I thought you all might enjoy hearing about what has happened as well as my thinking along the way. And since there are at least a handful of FMF readers who are experienced real estate investors, I thought I might pick up a bit of useful advice as well. […]

J Money bitten by the investment property bug

J Money recently sold a web property and is toying with the idea of using the proceeds from that sale to buy a real investment property. Bottom line up front:  This is a great idea. My experience with owning an investment property has been great so far.  Very smooth. I, like J Money, had heard that investing in real estate was a very good way to increase income and accumulate wealth. […]