September 11, 2012

Know Your Discounts (254/365)

We’ve all seen the insurance advertisements where they laud all of the discounts you can get if you’re a safe driver over a certain period or your children have good grades or other such things. Those discounts can save you significant money, but there’s a catch. The catch is that the insurance company may or may not tell you when you’ve received a discount. […]

Make Money by Turning in Tax Cheats

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra money, you should seriously consider becoming an IRS whistleblower… While I’m (mostly) kidding when I say this, it appears that there’s big money available to those with information on big-time tax evaders. […]

Furnish Your Apartment on a Dime

My oldest son moved into an apartment with two roommates a couple of weeks ago, and his budget for furniture was essentially zero (good thing his old man was there, huh?). He lives in another city, and I was returning home two days later, so we had to furnish his new pad in a rush and on a tight budget. A bed was the first priority. […]

Offbeat Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Parent

I quit my full-time job in June, 2011 because the cost of having an infant and toddler in day care was prohibitive and would eat up most of my salary.  However, we couldn’t financially survive on my husband’s salary alone, no matter how many corners I cut.  Instead, I set about finding a way to work from home around my children’s schedules to help supplement the family income. More and more freque […]

How Much the Average Couple Spends on a Wedding

This piece from my local paper contains a chart listing what an average couple spends on a wedding. I've seen the total numbers previously, but don't recall ever seeing how it breaks down by category. […]

Should You Pay Your Mortgage Off Early?

One of the goals that many people have is to pay off the mortgage early. Once you have paid off your consumer debt, it seems natural to turn your thoughts toward your mortgage. But is it always a good idea to pay off your mortgage early? It’s exciting to think that you could “truly” own your home by paying off the mortgage. After all, who wants the threat of the bank taking your home away. […]

My Recent Credit Card Moves

Since I shared my latest credit card strategy last fall, I've given a couple updates (like how much I earned in 2011 and the fact that I lost $280 in rewards by not paying attention), but I haven't posted any details about what I'm doing on a daily basis to get the most cash back I can. Since I've recently made several moves, I thought now would be a great time to give you an update. […]

Ignore Your Mail and Lose Thousands of Dollars

The prevalence of junk mail and spam has certainly made weeding out noise more difficult over the last decade. With email, software does a great job of hiding the junk and making the legitimate messages obvious, but there are occasional mistakes. […]

More Money, More Problems

Jennifer writes in: I really appreciate the articles you write on frugality. My husband and I are very glad to have simple jobs that we can just walk away from at the end of the day without stress. We don’t make a ton of money, but we have everything we need and we don’t have the stressful situations that many of your readers encounter. […]

BillGuard Review: Personal Credit Card Statement Watchdog

One of the cool companies that I met at Fincon2012 was BillGuard. BillGuard analyzes your credit card transactions and tells you if they find anything deceptive or fraudulent. […]

What Matters in Matters of Love and Finance

“You need to keep your skills fresh,” said a commenter in a recent post about the finances of parenting, referring to the concept of a mother staying at home with the kids. “In case of death or divorce. I didn’t argue, but I shook my head and rolled my eyes. (I do this to avoid leaving snappy replies to people’s comments. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Save Money on Your Pets?

Editor's Note: Congratulations to Emily, Melissa Hansson, and KF for winning this week's contest! Pets can put a huge strain on your budget. Between vet bills, training, food, and toys, pet owners can end up spending thousands on their pets each year. […]

Breathe Easy: 10 Natural Air Fresheners

When something stinky takes over your home, the first thing you reach for might be Febreze. But when you run out, you have no choice but to rely on Mother Nature to provide aromatic relief (which, by the way, is better for the environment and your budget). […]

Great Financial Gifts for Children

Think back to your childhood and the toys you played with, and there's probably a toy you wish you had as an adult to either play with or give to your children. It could be a game, favorite doll, bike, little red wagon, or anything else that sparked your imagination. For me, after a Big Wheel Racer, I was always fond of piggy banks. […]

Best Money Tips: 21 Money Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on money mistakes to avoid, apps to help you save at the supermarket, and tasty tailgating recipes. Top 5 Articles 21 Money Mistakes and Problems to Avoid — Try not to rely on your job as the only source of income. Diversify! […]

Latest in My Comcast Saga

After my last Comcast update, I received an email from their social media representative asking if they could take one more shot at making me happy. I said "sure" and provided my account information.I didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks. Then I received a bill in the mail for $116.59 -- up from the $90 per month that I wasn't happy about. […]

Seven tips for bargain beach vacationing with friends

A couple of weeks ago we took an honest-to-goodness family vacation for the first time in what seems like forever.  We went to North Carolina’s Outer Banks with three other families for a week.  The weather cooperated nicely and we all had a chance to just chill out. […]