September 29, 2012

Four bargains if you have a lot of spare cash

Cash is king.  Cash is capital, in small, unmarked bills.  Almost nothing speaks louder at the negotiating table.  It says: “I have the means, right now, to buy from you.” Because it speaks so loudly, there are great deals to be had if you can pay cash.  Here are a few: Real estate.  The somewhat filthy- to super-rich investor can swoop in on some incredible deals, or provide liquidity for others […]

Build a Financially Equal Relationship from the Start (272/365)

When people get married or become fully committed enough to combine their finances, they often take the right step by merging their financial situations together. What they miss out on, though, is establishing true financial equality within the relationship. […]

15 Classic clothing pieces every guy should own

Special to Squawkfox: This article is by Carl. He’s a guy. Kerry (not a guy) tried to write about men’s fashion, but she sounded too much like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Since Carl has more experience with wearing men’s pants, he snagged a spot on Squawkfox. Enjoy! When Kerry posted her list of 12 Classic clothing pieces every gal should own, I was intrigued. Only 12? […]

Learning to Say No

Earlier this week, I appeared on HuffPost Live, an online television channel, to talk about saying no to spending. Social situations make it difficult for people to admit among friends that they can’t afford whatever the social activity might be, such as dining out or going to a club. The discussion was couched in fashion. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #93

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. Consider this an autumn edition. I spent much of the week collecting pictures of fall colors for a display project. […]

Get Free Financial Planning Help

I’ve been working with a fee-only financial advisor recently to be sure all my eggs are in the right nests for my future. I’ve been impressed with her knowledge of law, taxes, insurance, investing — all aspects of financial life. While I’ve covered personal finance topics as a journalist for more than 20 years, I haven’t been so diligent about managing my own affairs. […]

How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. For related posts on this subject, see The Safest Retirement, How Much Income Do I Need For Retirement?, and Have You Calculated Your Retirement Number? […]