October 2, 2012

Plan a Romantic Honeymoon, Not an Expensive One (275/365)

Sarah and I went to London for our honeymoon. It was cripplingly expensive, and we were still dealing with the debt four years later. It was a wonderful trip, though. We have wonderful memories and a photo album full of great pictures. The thing is, almost every memory I have from that trip focuses on Sarah. […]

Avoiding Lifestyle Creep

Have you ever received a pay raise only to look back and wonder where the money went? What did you do with your last income tax refund? Do you even remember? When you look at your credit card statement, do you have trouble remembering what you bought to pile up so much debt? […]

How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale

One of the ways to make a little extra money is to sell your stuff. Among the time-honored ways to sell your stuff is to make use of the garage sale. There are plenty of people looking for good deals, and who will feel that what you want to get rid of is actually a treasure. You can use this to your advantage with the help of a garage sale. Garage sales are nice because they are local. […]

Will My Honda Civic Drive Another 2,850,000 Miles?

While I am happy I’ve kept my 2004 Honda Civic eight and a half years and haven’t felt the need to upgrade, I’m certainly not as dedicated to maintaining old cars as an automobile enthusiast. In fact, I’ve been ridiculed and insulted by people whose opinion is that eight years is not very impressive for holding onto one car. It’s a fair point; others have certainly done more with less. […]

Anticipation Is Often the Best Part

Several years ago, if I wanted something, I usually just went out and bought it. If I wanted to go on a trip, I just went on that trip. As long as I had the money in hand (or the credit on my credit card), whatever it was that I wanted quickly became mine, in short order. Today, I still buy things that I want to buy, and I still travel if I want to travel. […]

Five Tips to Help You Do Well In a Phone Interview

It’s easy to not take a phone interview seriously until it’s too late.  Oftentimes we shrug it off as something we can accomplish during our lunch hour on a park bench, but the phone interview part of the job hunt ought to be taken more seriously. […]

Lending Club PRIME Review

One of the big stories in the last few years has been the rise of peer to peer lending sites. I haven’t written as much about them on Bargaineering because I’m not allowed to invest! Only residents of certain states are allowed to invest at Lending Club and, unfortunately, Maryland is not on the list. […]

Selling Your Home? Don’t Make This Costly Mistake

This post is by April Dykman. Yes, you read that right. April was recently wooed back to Get Rich Slowly and will be writing here a couple of times a month. She plans to focus on interviewing experts on money-related topics, which also helps her justify that journalism degree… Bill had to sell his house quickly. He was being transferred out of state, and the company wasn’t footing the bill. […]

Best Money Tips: Financially Prepare for Your Family's Future

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on financially preparing for your family's future, making a better to do list, and buying or leasing a car. Top 5 Articles How to Financially Prepare For Your Family's Future — Financially prepare for your family's future by learning the difference between needs and wants. […]

On Problems and Opportunities

One manager I knew used to correct people when they said they had a problem. "It's not a problem," he'd say, "It's an opportunity." He was kind of a jerk. (See also: Incentive Plans Always Go Awry) It was something of a fashion in management-speak at the time — that anything that seems like a problem is really an opportunity to do better. […]

Update on My Real Estate Efforts

It's been a while since I told you I was working towards becoming a landlord and shared my process for finding a suitable rental property. You might think that my lack of posting on the subject means I haven't been doing much, but actually there's been a lot going on. […]