November 13, 2012

Shop Online for Better Price Comparisons (317/365)

It seems pretty common to use online sources to comparison shop for the big items. The internet is a powerful tool for finding the best bang for the buck on automobiles, homes, televisions, cameras, and so on. Yet that’s just a starting point. I use the internet to comparison shop for anything non-perishable that will cost me more than $20 or so over the course of a year. Garbage bags. […]

5 Fundamental Financial Skills You Can Practice

An interesting article in Fortune explored how employees can practice basic career skills like professional musicians and athletes use their non-performance time or non-competitive time to practice. This struck a chord with me due to my background with music. […]

How to Turn a Seasonal Job Into a Permanent Job

This time of year, there is a lot of interest in landing a holiday job. If you can find seasonal work, you can pad your bank account with a little extra cash. However, for some in this economy, a seasonal job is a chance to land a more permanent gig. If you are hoping that your temporary holiday job will turn into a long-term position, you need to plan ahead and make the right impression. […]

Five Tips for Making Small Business Saturday a Success

Small Business Saturday is scheduled for November 24th this year.  The annual event saw a large turnout last year.  According to American Express, “Over one hundred million people came together to Shop Small in their communities on Small Business Saturday.”   This year’s event is likely to be even more successful thanks to additional advertising. If you’re a small business owner looking to capital […]

Six Simple Gifts to Make Between Now and Christmas

Two years ago, I ran a fall article series on homemade gifts, which I then gave out to relatives that Christmas. Naturally, some of the gifts were bigger hits than others. […]

Why Are Savings Account Rates So Low?

Have you seen the interest rates on savings accounts lately? Our list of high yield savings accounts basically peaks at 1%. (As of this writing, we have just three banks with “high yield” interest rates above 1%… but barely above 1%) I can barely type high yield because when I see a single percent, I don’t think high yield. […]

Is investing optional?

This guest post from William Cowie. William has contributed to, and other personal finance blogs, including his own, We’ve all seen this bumper sticker, haven’t we? Other than singing the Disney song from “Snow White,” how does it make you feel? […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Exercise Frugally?

Most people make it a point to exercise at least a few times a week. Heading to the gym keeps you healthy and can end up saving you money. But with gym memberships often being a bit too expensive, sometimes people have to find ways to stay fit without breaking the bank. How do you exercise frugally? Do you work out at home? Run outside? Ride your bike? […]

How Rewards Cards Make Money

My husband and I only have a single credit card to our name — a Upromise card that puts 1% cash back into our son’s 529 account. […]

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving can be stressful enough — lots of relatives in town, too much food to cook (in one tiny oven), and of course, timing it all to be ready at just the right moment. Thankfully, one of the best ways to decrease stress on Thanksgiving day is to make dishes ahead of time. […]

Preparing Financially for a Natural Disaster

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, but the damage left in her wake will last for the foreseeable future. At a time of a great natural disaster, the last thing that you and your family want to be thinking about is your finances. While at least one bank was kind enough to forgive fees in Sandy's wake, most of your creditors will not be so generous. […]

Best Money Tips: Tips for Cutting Back This Christmas

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on cutting back this Christmas, Black Friday myths debunked, and why your career is your most important investment. Top 5 Articles 4 Tips for Cutting Back This Christmas — Make cutbacks this Christmas by opting to buy one large gift and one small gift for your kids. […]

Spending Resentment as Ugly as Jealousy

My husband is in Kuwait for his third tour in the Army. Working for the joint forces in a country that is firmly a U.S. ally, he doesn’t see a lot of combat. What he does see, what keeps him up at night, is the waste. First, there is the practical military waste. […]

The Power of 1% All the Way Around

After I wrote about the difference 1% can make in your career (and, more specifically, your lifetime earnings), I ran into this calculator from the NY Times that shows the benefit of saving an additional 1% of your income each year. I like the concept but the calculator has one big flaw IMO -- it only allows you to get to where you're saving 16% of your income. […]

Bargain books for bibliophiles

My wife is a voracious reader. She always has been. She always will be. She loves books on just about anything, but especially Tom Clancy, historical fiction, and fantasy/science fiction. She has a special place in her heart for Trixie Belden books and books by Patricia Veryan. She’s probably also the fastest reader in the universe. I have a bit different taste in reading material. […]