November 19, 2012

401(k) With No Match, Should You Contribute?

Walter Updegrave of CNN/Money recently fielded a question from a guy whose employer employer had stopped matching his 401(k) contributions. He was wondering if he should start looking for a new job. This is a perfectly reasonable question, as a loss of this sort of benefit is effectively a pay cut. […]

Stop Paying For Services You Don’t Use

Earlier this month, I described a reader’s situation. She discovered she had been paying a fee for a credit life insurance product offered by her bank. The policy was no longer active, but that didn’t stop the bank from taking her money. […]

Take a Hard Look at Entertainment-Oriented Monthly Bills (323/365)

I’ve talked over the last few days about the value of reviewing monthly bills and subscription services. Today, I’m going to look at two bills that people often think of as “untouchable,” but which essentially just boil down to expensive entertainment. I’m looking at you, cable/satellite bill. […]

Steps to Take After a Natural Disaster to Make Sure Your Claim Is Paid

While making it through a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy seems difficult enough, often the aftermath and restoring your home to the way it used to be can take months and be an exercise in frustration and delays. […]

5 Tips for Cheaper Child Care

When my husband and I lived in Syracuse, New York while attending grad school, there were three hours of each week that our son had to be in daycare. For the most part, our schedules could be arranged so that one of us could watch our son while the other attended class. We both worked on homework together after our son went to bed. But there was that three hours each week that didn’t work out. […]

Free Quicken Rental Property Manager Giveaway

The people at Quicken have given me a copy of Quicken Rental Property Manager to give away to FMF readers.Here's how it will work: 1. All you need to do to enter is to leave any comment on this post. Be sure to leave your email address (no one else will be able to see it) when you leave the comment.2. In a week or so, I'll select the winner at random and announce the winner on this post.3. […]

Win over $350 in Prizes in our Best Deals Holiday Giveaway!

Looking for some great deals for your holiday shopping? Subscribe to our Best Deals Newsletter! Not only will you get daily best deals delivered straight to your inbox, you will be automatically entered into our Holiday Giveaway. […]

Reader Mailbag: Pets and Allergies

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Pension distributions options 2. Distributing leftovers 3. Degrees over the internet 4. Dangers of hiding cash 5. Political fliers as kindling 6. Shipping clothes? 7. Bookshelf limitations 8. Buying it for life? 9. […]

Three Classes Every High School Should Require

Although there are a number of classes the high schools across the country require students to take, there are some definite knowledge gaps in most people once they graduate. Because of this, there are some classes that should be added to the curriculum as required. […]

Four Reasons to Get Married

Earlier this month, Marylanders voted on Question 6 – Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would’ve amended current law to allow gay and lesbian couples to get a civil marriage license. […]

How badly would a disaster affect you?

The oceans are rising, the climate is warming. Is your house — literally — in order? No matter what we do, say scientists, the oceans are rising; anything we do to address climate change won’t help until, at the earliest, 2100. And the effects of carbon emissions on the climate lag the emissions by at least 40 years and as many as hundreds of years. […]

How the Election Will Affect Your Credit Cards

I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled the election is over. Sure, I love the excitement of electing a president, but I get so tired of the political ads and the phone calls. So it’s finally behind us, but now we’re hearing about the fiscal cliff. Honestly, isn’t it amazing how fast we went from election night to hearing about the fiscal cliff? […]

Seen Something for 70% Off or More? Buy It.

That title may seem like strange advice from someone like me, who wants you to spend money wisely and live large on a small budget. Simply throwing your money away on stuff you don't need just because it’s massively discounted is hardly good frugal advice. Or is it? You see, there’s a word I have just discovered — arbitrage. It’s most commonly used in the stock market. […]

Best Money Tips: Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on tips to save on Thanksgiving dinner, part-time jobs that pay well, and making extra cash for the holidays. Top 5 Articles 10 Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner — To save money on Thanksgiving dinner, balance your side dishes and desserts. […]

Little Old Lady Recipes: Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

I am the rare person who really, really wants to host Thanksgiving. I've done it twice before, with the requisite newbie disasters (at the first Thanksgiving I hosted, a bubbling pie in the oven filled the kitchen with smoke, and when working on a chair, my father hurt his hand so badly that we thought it was broken). […]

Reader Profile: KT

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]