November 27, 2012

Where Physical and Fiscal Health Converge

As I’ve asserted in this space before, news on the healthcare front has often seemed unrelentingly bad. And it’s been that way a long time. First came the demise of the house call, then the soaring cost of care delivered anywhere but where folks would like it, in the home. […]

The 5 Most Expensive Colleges in America

The one thing that cars and colleges have in common is that their sticker prices are useless. Some of the most expensive schools have equally large financial aid packages that can eliminate college costs. […]

Win a Free Book!

Today I'm giving away a free copy of How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? (60 Minute Financial Solutions), a GREAT book about how to account for all the variables that make retirement planning a success.Here's how it will work: 1. All you need to do to enter is to leave any comment on this post. […]

Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff: How Would It Affect You?

There has been much said in recent weeks about the so-called fiscal cliff. The fiscal cliff is a combination of tax increases, as well as spending cuts set to take place in January. […]

The Case for Debt Freedom

A couple times a week, I’ll get an email from a reader asking some variation on this question: If I can refinance my house at 3.5% why would I ever want to pay it off early if I can earn 7% over the long term in the stock market? […]

If You Have Large, Irregular Bills, Save for Them Automatically (331/365)

We have a small handful of large irregular bills that hit us throughout the year. Property taxes. Income taxes (they’re lots of fun for the self-employed). Homeowners insurance. Automotive insurance. Life insurance. Car registration. These aren’t monthly bills, but they still come in the mail pretty much like clockwork, and the amount of each bill is reasonably stable. […]

Remember to Update Insurance Riders

When was the last time you did a home inventory? What about updating any policy riders? If you’re like me, it’s been a while. […]

Ask the Readers: What is Your Best Frugal Date Idea?

Having a date night with your significant other is an important part of keeping the spark alive. Whether you catch a movie, have a romantic dinner, or have some fun at a local bowling alley, date night is a fun way to reconnect with your partner. […]

No Money for a Week? Here’s What to Do.

We’ve all been there — broke as a joke with nary a loose coin under the couch cushions. Whether it’s self-imposed or just money mismanagement, it sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. So if you find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic. You’ll get through it with these been-there-done-that tips from yours truly. (See also: Emergency Belt-Tightening) 1. […]

Once-a-month cooking made easy

Stephanie Cornais found a cooking method that saved time and money, but it left her exhausted. Stephanie, who blogs about parenthood and healthy living at Mama and Baby Love, would cook a month’s worth of meals in one day, then store them in the freezer. It’s an idea that’s been around for awhile. In fact, J.D. wrote about it back in 2007. […]

Arguing Over Money Drives Your Kids to Credit Card Debt

Just in case you didn’t have enough to worry about, researchers from East Carolina University have recently discovered yet another way we can screw up our kids. Apparently, children of parents who argue about money are more likely to be burdened by credit card debt as college students. This cheery information comes on top of concerns about the financial literacy of young people. […]

Best Money Tips: Benefits of Shopping at Farmers Markets

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on the benefits of shopping at farmer's markets, curbing compulsive spending this Christmas, and teaching personal finance. Top 5 Articles Benefits of Shopping at Farmers Market — Shopping at a farmers market is a great way to stay away from junk food! […]

Skip the Trade-In: Why You Should Sell Your Car Privately

When it’s time to get a different car or upgrade to a later model, people get excited. Blame it on the fumes from that new car smell, but it’s at these moments when we lose a little of our money mojo and tend to gravitate toward the quickest and most convenient ways to dispense with our old wheels. […]

Creative Life Planning Solutions For Retirement, Part 2

The following is an excerpt from the book How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? (60 Minute Financial Solutions) by Todd Tresidder. It is an easy and valuable read for anyone wanting to get an accurate estimate of their retirement number. […]