December 7, 2012

Consider Camping (341/365)

When Sarah and I visited the Pacific Northwest for our first anniversary, we didn’t stay in a hotel for most of the vacation. We camped, using borrowed camping equipment, first on Mount Rainier and then in Olympia National Forest. When we went on our first vacation after having our first child, we didn’t stay in a hotel for any of the vacation. […]

Confirmation Bias and You

Let’s say you’re worried that your finances aren’t being organized effectively. You’re not really sure what’s wrong, but you have a gut feeling about it. You decide to go to a financial advisor, who tells you that, indeed, your finances are in a bad place. […]

Your Take: $250,000 vs. $500,000 vs. What Is Rich?

Here’s an interesting question that popped up in my head as a result of Warren Buffett’s op-ed last week – should the bar for “high income” be at $250,000, $500,000, or some higher value? Should the bar be at a dollar amount relative to median income or should it be a calculated based on how many taxpayers it would capture? In 2008, 4.3 million tax returns had an AGI above $200,000. […]

Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards Card

It was Saturday morning and we were packing for an upcoming trip to Iceland — we were leaving on Tuesday, just three days later. While packing the credit cards (we normally only bring two credit cards and one debit card when traveling internationally) I realized that one of our Capital One cards had expired. I panicked. Then I called Capital One. […]

How to Have a Perfect No-Spend Weekend!

We all want to be to make getting out of debt a bigger priority in our lives, but what do you do if you’re not quite ready to make the full commitment (especially around the holidays) or if you’re not quite sure you’ll be able to handle it? The perfect solution is a No-Spend Weekend! You’ll reap the benefits of cutting-back without the time commitment. […]

Ask the Readers: Do you lend money to friends?

“What’s a little money between friends?” That common question has wrecked more than a few friendships. Reader Alexa (who blogs at Single Moms Income) is in that situation now. She recently sent us a story and a question. Here’s her tale. I moved back home near the end of July where I immediately reconnected with one of my old friends — we’ll call him J — whom I hadn’t seen in several years. […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Save Money for a House

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on ways to save money for a house, steps to take before a job interview, and how to protect your stuff. Top 5 Articles 5 Ways to Save Money for a House — Consolidating your debts can help you save money for a house. […]

Stockpiling Is Rarely the Answer

If the answer is stockpiling, you've probably got the question wrong. (See also: The Second-Best Way to Make your Household More Secure) Now, I'm not talking about having a well-stocked pantry. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Dec 3

As a reminder, I am currently running the $25k Red Kettle Challenge. Here are some pieces I found especially worthwhile and some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week: EDITOR'S CHOICE! Carnival of Personal Finance PT Money says you can give by volunteering. Master the Art of Saving talks about the impact of living in a small town. […]

A great retirement plan if you’re broke (or not!)

I ran across this article on MSN about retirement planning if you’re broke. There were five main suggestions in the article: Postpone pulling the trigger on Social Security payments.  As in, retire later, so that your check is larger and has more room for growth. Take advantage of home equity. For reverse mortgages, and an old-age emergency fund. Bankruptcy.  This protects your remaining assets, […]