December 21, 2012

Vacation with Others (355/365)

My final tip on inexpensive travel is not just useful from a financial perspective. It also makes for a much more enjoyable travel experience, too. Simply put, travel with others. Make your trip into a group excursion and you’ll save money (and increase your enjoyment) in many different ways. Thanks to Ralph Daily for the photo. For starters, traveling together allows you to share things. […]

Selective Memory and Your Wallet

I love my children. I’m proud of them. When I think about their behavior, my thoughts are almost entirely filled with positive things. I think of my oldest child’s studiousness, my daughter’s creative energy, and our youngest child’s humor. What I often don’t recall is when they do things that they shouldn’t. […]

Naked With Cash: JW

In January, Consumerism Commentary will begin the Naked With Cash event and series. Several Consumerism Commentary readers will share their financial reports and analyses at the beginning of each month, with insight from financial planners and other experts. […]

Your Take: Holiday Travel Plans This Year

I was reading that 40% of residents in the Washington D.C. area plan on traveling for the holidays, not surprising given the presence of the federal government, and 90% of the 2.3 million people in the area plan on leaving by car. AAA’s annual survey reported these results earlier this week and given how many cars are in the area (the D.C. […]

Cashing in at the Supermarket: Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express Review

Earning rewards from your credit cards is a lot like earning interest on your investments. Cardholders should look for the highest returns possible considering the amount they spend and the type of merchants they frequent. They then need to balance these rewards against any fees assessed on their cards. […]

7 Ways to Deal With Unwanted Gifts

Everyone has received at least one horrible or laughably useless gift. But what should you do if you receive a gift that you don't want or can't use? Here are seven ways to deal with gifts that don't meet your needs. (See also: Wise Bread Gift Guide: Gifts That Save You Money) 1. Refuse OK, this is really more of a pre-emption, and it's a tricky option, but a valuable one. […]

Ask the Readers: Is traditional advice killing your job search?

“Vince” was halfway through his MBA program and struggling to find an internship. So, he took his career counselor’s advice and blasted his resume and cover letter to 30 companies.”I just tried to shoot out as many resumes as possible,” says Vince. Nine companies called him back, but the interviews didn’t go well. He only got one offer, and it wasn’t for a particularly great internship. […]

Best Money Tips: Money Lessons from Santa

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on money lessons from Santa, holiday events that won't tax your wallet, and saving by doing little things. Top 5 Articles Money Lessons from Santa — Learn a lesson from Santa and remember that staying on the "good" list (for example maintaining good credit) is important. […]

Capital Substitutes for Labor — and Vice Versa

Whether you're hoping to retire early or worried that you won't be able to retire at all, this is something you need to understand. (See also: Can You Buy Your Way Out of the Rat Race?) Did you know there used to be a return on capital? Sorry, a little joke there. With interest rates down near zero, it's starting to seem like a safe income on capital is an old-fashioned concept. […]

10 Easy-to-Fix Cover Letter Mistakes

I have yet to meet a job hunter who doesn't dread writing cover letters. They're time-consuming and tedious, and unfortunately, they're unavoidable. It's easy to break cover letter etiquette if you're not careful. […]

It's Better to Give in Big Chunks

Let's say you have $1,000 to give next year to various charitable organizations. Which gives you the most bang for your buck: Twenty $50 gifts Ten $100 gifts Two $500 gifts Turns out the latter is 39% better than option #1 and 14% better than option #2. The reason? Costs. From Money magazine's December issue: It typically costs charities about $15 to raise small gifts. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Dec 17

As a reminder, I am currently running the $25k Red Kettle Challenge. Here are some pieces I found especially worthwhile and some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week: EDITOR'S CHOICE! Carnival of Personal Finance Wise Bread has uses for stale cereal. The Simple Dollar advises to use the peak-end rule. Lazy Man and Money discusses a hotel credit card scam. […]

Some year-end tax tips (if the world doesn’t end today)

My watch beeped midnight only a short while ago.  Let the waiting game begin. Matt Jabs gave me some comfort in telling me that the solstice wasn’t going to happen until 11:12 this morning.  But he didn’t say which time zone.  More seeds of doubt. If we take the stance that the Mayans were wrong, then there will be a week and a half remaining of 2012 to take advantage of a few year-end tax tips.  […]