December 22, 2012

Figure Out Exactly What You Saved (356/365)

Over the final ten days of this year, we’re going to finish off this series by looking at ten tactics that demonstrate how you can transform all of the little savings you’re getting from frugality into life-affirming changes. The first step, though, is figuring out how much all of these frugal changes is actually saving you. Thanks to Dave Dugdale for the image. Whenever I make a frugal change in […]

Naked With Cash: LastDollar

In January, Consumerism Commentary will begin the Naked With Cash event and series. Several Consumerism Commentary readers will share their financial reports and analyses at the beginning of each month, with insight from financial planners and other experts. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #105

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Lefse One of the things I associate strongly with the holiday season is the making of potato lefse. […]

Chase Freedom Categories for the First Quarter

Most readers know that I use the Chase Freedom cash back credit card. IMO it's the best overall booster card out there today and a must-have for those of you with a multi-card strategy. That's why it remains at the top of my list of the best cash back credit cards. […]