December 30, 2012

How We Celebrate New Year’s Eve

A surprising number of people have asked me how Sarah and I celebrate New Year’s Eve with a frugal touch, so I thought I’d share our celebration plans. They’re pretty similar to what we’ve done the last few years. Hosting a party We host a New Year’s party on a rotating basis with some of our friends. […]

One Financial Mistake

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. […]

Reader Story: Pursue a dream to move to a new location

This is a guest post from Jason Price from One Money Design. This summer, my wife and I took our kids on a family vacation to Disneyland in California. The Southern California weather, beaches and a trip to San Diego on Highway 1 made it an experience we’ll never forget. […]

Short-term vs. long-term bond fluctuations: an easy explanation

A few days ago I chatted with some financial planners.  They were recommending some bond funds as alternatives to holding cash or money-market funds. I admit that I haven’t looked at bond funds too closely.  I knew that there was an inverse relationship between the price of bonds and the interest rate:  as rates go up, the bond price falls, and vice versa.  What I hadn’t considered was how the len […]