January 4, 2013

The News Tries to Convince You to Buy More Stuff

I’m a bit of a news addict. I love reading the latest news on a variety of topics and I visit a couple dozen news-related sites multiple times a day. While I love being informed, what I don’t love is how reading the news often creates or stokes a desire in me to buy something I don’t really need. Here’s what I mean. I just visited the front page of CNN.com to read the headlines. […]

How I Reduced Monthly Interest and Finance Charges

When my wife and I were getting out of credit card debt, we worked hard to reduce two things - the total debt balance – what we owed to all of our creditors (total credit card debt) and the total amount of interest we were paying each month to finance our credit card debt. When we first started paying off our debt, we were not overly concerned with out various interest rates.  Instead, we focused […]

A Few Ways for Teens to Make Money

What teenager doesn’t love money? They want name brand clothes and shoes, the newest video games, the latest technology, and to be able to hang out with their friends on the weekend. Teenagers are bombarded every day with fashion and celebrities on television and in movies. […]

Investing with Indirect (or No) Financial Returns

When a person is free from debt and is earning more than they spend, the natural thing to do is to turn to investment advice. Should I invest in stocks or bonds? Should I buy some real estate? The goal of such investments is straightforward: the person simply wants to raise more money. […]

Your Take: What Are Your Goals for 2013?

Now that we’ve celebrated the arrival of 2013 and the the days of 2012 are over, it’s time to look forward and talk about goal setting. I prefer goal setting to “resolution” setting because goals are “SMART” – specific, meaningful, attainable, relevant, and timely. […]

Discover Card Reward Categories for Winter 2013

It’s that time of year again… Time to sign up for the latest batch of reward categories associated with your Discover credit card (assuming that you have one). Recall that Discover, like many other reward credit card issuers, has adopted rotating reward categories that require quarterly re-enrollment. […]

The PenFed Promise Visa Card Offers a Way to Escape Your Big Bank

I have always gotten along well with my credit cards and the banks that issue them, but I know that my experiences are not typical. […]

9 Frugal Ways to Treat the Common Cold

It's winter again, and the common cold will be very, well, common. Fortunately, frugal ways to treat the common cold are readily available so you don't have to spend a fortune on doctor visits and over-the-counter medication. Many frugal cold remedies are healthier than cold medicines that only cover up symptoms instead of actually curing your cold. […]

Best Money Tips: Letting Go of Financial Stress

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on letting go of financial stress, moves to make at work this year, and ways to make your resolutions stick. Top 5 Articles Take a deep breath: Letting go of financial stress — If you want to let go of financial stress, interrogate your worries when they creep in. […]

Ask the Readers: What should you consider when buying a house at 25 (or any age for that matter)?

This is a guest post from Jenna Forstrom. I always wanted to have my own house.  My parents flipped houses while I was growing up and I like creating spaces and using my hands, plus it always sounded like a good investment.  I graduated college at 21 and decided my next goal was to buy a house by 25.  So, after graduation, I moved back home to Portland to live with my mom. […]

Financial Lessons From "Sons of Anarchy"

The gritty bikers in this television series generally have to live within a fairly tight set of financial parameters...parameters some of us could learn from. These savings tips from “Sons of Anarchy” are some of my favorites from the show. (See also: Financial Lessons From "The Hunger Games") 1. […]

Top 15 Free Money Finance Posts of 2012

Each year I list what I think were my best posts from the previous year (posts written by me -- not guest posts or excerpts). Here's this year's summary of what I consider the "best" of FMF out of the 700+ posts here last year:#15 - A Simple Way to Calculate Your Retirement Number - Figuring out how much to save for retirement is a tricky and complicated process. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Dec 31

To start, a couple notes: If you're a blogger, you can get some free publicity by competing in the FMF March Money Madness event. Details here. My $25k Red Kettle Challenge is over. We ended just under $40k. […]

Copper at up to 60% off of spot price

Canada has decided to do away with the cent, citing that it costs the mint 1.6 cents to produce one.  Transactions will still be tracked to the cent, but if both parties find themselves without cents in a cash transaction, the transaction will be rounded to the nearer nickel. The reason this has come to pass, of course, is because of inflation.  A cent just isn’t worth what it used to be worth, so […]