January 14, 2013

Helping Your Children

One of the questions I’ve really struggled with over the past several years is how much help I should provide to my children as they grow older, and what form that help should take. When I turned eighteen and left for college, my parents were more or less finished with their role as parents for me. I only lived under their roof again for a single summer (the first summer after college). […]

A New #Cut4Bieber: Justin Bieber’s Prepaid Debit Card

There’s apparently a celebrity of some sort called Justin Bieber. I don’t know much about him, but I might have heard a song of his one time. He might have been a baby only a few years ago, but today he’s following in the footsteps of some of my favorite gurus, in a love-to-hate sense, financial and pseudo-financial. […]

Anonymous S December 2012 Net Worth

Naked With Cash is the year-long series on Consumerism Commentary where seven readers’ households share their financial progress on a monthly basis. I’ve partnered with financial planners who will offer some guidance along the way. Read this introduction to learn more about the series. Anonymous S is a 24-year-old engineer earning $67,000 a year plus bonus. […]

Reader Mailbag: Child’s Play

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Reverse mortgages 2. Storytelling and profit 3. Refinancing and PMI 4. Short term investing options 5. Children and television 6. Handling old wine 7. Getting a razor blade sharpener 8. Slow cooker boredom 9. […]

How I Calculate My Asset Allocation

I was logging into my Vanguard account when it told me that my current mix of investments differed from my target by more than 5%. A few years ago, sometime shortly after I opened the account, I set the target asset allocation based on the classic “120 minus your age” rule of thumb for your investment mix of stocks and bonds. […]

Beware Celebrities Bearing Prepaid Cards

Celebrities used to get attention by buying a small island or starting a clothing line. But nowadays, they know that one of the surest ways to get into the spotlight (and make a ton of money) is to align yourself with a prepaid card. Remember the Kardashian Kard? That card had many horrible fees — almost $100 just to use the card for the first year — and it was destroyed by the media. […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

“Where should we go for dinner?” “What movie do you want to see?” “Should I buy that shirt or save my money?” We make decisions every day of our lives, but with the wide array of options presented to us, we’re often plagued with indecisiveness and regret over opportunity costs incurred from “wrong” decisions. […]

Best Money Tips: Find an Affordable Flu Shot

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on finding an affordable flu shot, jobs for people who want to work from home, and things that will be cheaper in 2013. Top 5 Articles Find an affordable flu shot — Don't get sick this flu season! See if you can get a flu shot that's affordable through your workplace. […]

The morality of personal finance

I was running last Sunday night. I had waited too long to start my run, and it was dark. I’ve taken to using my iPhone to track my runs, because I’m very motivated by the additive nature of all my runs over time. […]

7 Secrets About Life and Career From "Office Space"

Let’s get one thing clear — I don’t think Mike Judge wrote the movie “Office Space” to help people improve their career prospects or “find themselves.” It’s a funny, and searing, indictment on the modern workplace (aka cubicle farms), and it did the job so well, it’s become one of the best-selling DVDs ever. But when you get beneath the oft-repeated quotes (“Hey Peter, what’s happening,” “Looks li […]

Supplement Your Nest Egg with Sweat

Over the holidays, I ran across a nice article by Philip Brewer over at Wisebread. In it, he talked about how much you’ll need for retirement in the context of safe withdrawal rates, using the 4% rule as an example. In other words, if you assume that you can safely withdraw 4%/year from your retirement portfolio, then you’ll need $1M to provide $40k/year in living expenses. […]

Rediscover Your Various Income Streams & Save Like Crazy!

The following is an excerpt from How to Engineer Your Layoff. If you're interested in quitting your job and profiting from it, this book is for you! Today's post gives ideas on how to save and create income so you can quit your job. “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo EmersonFor most of us, our day job income is our primary income source. […]