January 24, 2013

10 Ways to Save $100 This Week

This post is part of America Saves Week. Money is like a cake. When you get that delicious dessert, it can be tempting to eat it all at once. […]

Training Your Intuition

Most of the time, when I have to make a decision, I rely on my instincts to make a good choice. […]

Take the Time to Meet With an Estate Planner

After putting this aspect of my finances off for the duration of my entire adult life, I finally found a recommendation for an attorney who focuses on estate planning, and we had our initial meeting earlier today. […]

When Should You Buy in Bulk?

One of the common admonitions that consumers often hear is to buy in bulk. When you buy in bulk, the reasoning goes, is that you get an overall discount for buying large quantities. In some cases, this works well, providing you with a lower per-unit cost on items that you purchase regularly. […]

Reader Mailbag: Coffee Can Savings

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Combining finances with risky partner 2. Brother exploiting sister 3. Using digital images from phones 4. Containing political rage 5. Extra money in the budget 6. Hand washing routine 7. Organizing student loans 8. […]

Side Gig Thursdays: Teresa Keel, Dog Walker & Sitter

One of my favorite shows, that unfortunately was cancelled, was called How to Make it in America and one of the side characters had a job walking dogs. […]

9 Ways to Seal Leaks and Reduce Your Winter Heating Bill

You might know all the usual ways to reduce winter heating costs — putting on a sweater, adding more insulation to the attic, closing off unused rooms. […]

The Compact: Mindfullness and Frugality Through Buying Used

In 2007, I became a member of the environmental movement known as The Compact, mainly because everything in my life has to be a dare. The basic idea behind The Compact is to take as few new resources out of the planet as possible. […]

Best Money Tips: 99 Affordable Date Ideas

Welcome to WIse Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on affordable date ideas, free or cheap winter activities at home, and renovation tips to increase your home value. Top 5 Articles You Can't Put A Price On Love: 99 Affordable Date Ideas — Need an affordable date idea? Consider visiting a dog park with your dog or going for a hike in a beautiful park. […]

Knowing when to be a squeaky wheel

A few months ago, I decided that I needed new furniture. I didn’t want new furniture. My 3-year-old couch and loveseat were in great condition. On the other hand, I began to realize that I had once again been blurring the lines between being cheap and being frugal. Although my furniture looked nice, it was completely uncomfortable for my back. […]

Seriously, Get Rid of Your Landline

Do you still have a telephone that plugs into the wall of your house? As of June 2012, 34% of households in the U.S. have gone wireless only, according to the U.S. National Health Information Study. […]

Saving Savings with Home Emergency Gap Coverage

The typical washer-dryer combo unit lasts about eight years. The one in my home was in its 14th year, and living on borrowed time when it finally expired last year. Its demise meant a large unexpected expense I hadn’t counted on. I bit the bullet and called the same appliance retailer I’d bought my last combo from, and ordered a new one. […]

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do You Need?

A Money Magazine reader asked in their January/February issue how much umbrella insurance he needed. Money's response, in part, was as follows: Base your umbrella policy on the value of your assets. […]

Is there a best way to keep track of expenses?

Part of our personal finance plan for this year and beyond involves tracking where our money is going. I’m tracking expenses with Quicken and so far I’m keeping up.  Automating the download of transactions and not trying to track every last transaction to every single account is helping. Tracking manually:  Old-school, or just old? Recently a few other personal finance bloggers weighed in with a r […]