February 12, 2013

Money Saving Tips – 10 Ways to Save Money

With the economy the way it is, virtually everyone is looking for ways to cut back. Saving a little cash may seem like a challenge, but it is quite painless with a few strategies. With the right attitude, you may even find the pursuit of saving money fun and rewarding in the end. 1. Cancel a Service Look at your monthly bills and see if there is somewhere to cut back. […]

What We Plan To Do With Our Tax Refund

I have been working on our taxes and it looks like we will be getting back a small refund – think hundreds, not thousands. My wife and I usually over-estimate withholding, just a bit, due to the fact that I have self-employment income, which tends to vary from year to year.  We prefer to send in a bit more, just to be on the safe side. We will use our modest tax return for three things - Vacation […]

Stomaching the Roller Coaster

Jane writes in: I think you’re giving bad advice to people when you tell them not to put everything in stocks or real estate when making a long-term investment. […]

Renting a Dress for a Night and a Car by the Hour

This is a guest post from Jennifer Gregory. The first thing that popped into my mind when I received the invitation for a New Year’s Eve party was that I needed a new dress. I spent several days scouring the stores for the perfect dress and blew my clothing budget on the perfect black dress, new shoes, and a handbag. […]

Best. Furlough. Ever.

Sequestration talks have federal government employees worried about the possibility of being furloughed. A furlough is a (usually) temporary layoff.  Since there is an upcoming deadline that could mean $85 billion in automatic spending cuts in two weeks, there’s the possibility that many federal employees will be missing some pay this year.  This is called administrative, or planned, furlough. One […]

Is Your Portfolio Truly Diversified?

One of the basic tenets of portfolio creation is that you should diversify. This is good advice — as long as you are truly diversified. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to misconstrue what constitutes diversity. In many cases, investors divide up their portfolios between stocks and bonds, and call it good. […]

Help a Reader: Need a New Rewards Credit Card

Like many other personal finance bloggers, I get a lot of emails asking for my advice on things from 401(k)s to credit cards. I’m not comfortable giving advice but I usually respond by saying “If it were me, I would…” Giving advice, especially on difficult and complex issues, is very risky because if things don’t work out then I might get in trouble. […]

Ask the Readers: What Is Your "Latte Factor"?

In the world of savings, every little bit counts! Small, regular expenditures — like daily mid-afternoon lattes — will add up and can put a dent on your finances over time. Many people have chosen to cut their "latte factors" in exchange for the savings, but others don't mind the cost to enjoy these small luxuries. What is your latte factor? Would you give it up for the savings? […]

Throwing away an old rule

Fellow peasants, unite! The time has come to overthrow the old order! GRS rule #3 says, “Spend less than you earn.” But why should we continue to do that always? Because of tradition? Because of authority? Because that’s what everyone else claims they are doing? To the guillotine with the old rules, I say. It’s time for revolution! It’s time to turn the old laws upside down. […]

Your Saving Habits Make You a Revolutionary

It’s true, Wise Bread reader — you’re a revolutionary. Although you may not know it or feel like it every day, your money-saving ways and consumer consciousness put you in the distinguished company of rebels and renegades. […]

Best Money Tips: Balancing Love and Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on tips for balancing love and money, saving big on winter utilities, and how to start an IRA. Top 5 Articles 10 Tips for Balancing Love and Money — When balancing love and money, it is important to make a joint spending plan. […]

The 1% Rule and Other Ways to Make Goals Manageable

Goals. They're the things that motivate us to wake up a little early every morning and stay up a little late at night. They give us something to look forward to. Do you have big goals? Do you get overwhelmed by the sheer size of them or wonder how you'll achieve them? If so, here are five effective ways to achieve your big goals. (See also: But I Don't Want To! Secrets of Self-Motivation) 1. […]

Our Second Cruise

Many of you will recall that last year my family took a cruise to the Caribbean. Well, we did it again this year!!!Instead of going through the cruise day by day as I did last year, I'll write a few posts that cover enough of the details to let you know what happened (and keep things interesting), but not so much that you start getting bored (hopefully). […]

Binary options: Another fork in the Yellow Brick Road?

(This is a guest post.  A rather breezily-written one, but I think you’ll like it.  If you want to guest post here and on hundreds of other sites, sign up for a PostRunner account.) So what do you get when “making money online” meets the exotic world of financial derivatives?  The answer, it seems, is a toxic mutation known as binary options. Now, most people understand that an “option” in financi […]