March 12, 2013

Are Savings Habits Generational?

One of the most disturbing long-term trends in personal finance is the steep decline in savings rates over the years. There is a distinct difference in how Americans save today and how they saved in past generations. This raises a couple key questions about the present and the future: Are savings habits a product of the different influences and experiences of each generation? […]

Morningstar’s day for individual investors

Hey, GRS readers, you have been invited to the Morningstar Individual Investor Conference. This is an all-day webcast (although I’m sure you can jump in and out of the webcast depending on which sessions most interest you), and it features an all-star lineup of personal finance experts. The theme is retirement savings and setting goals. […]

How to Save Money as an Intern

Before graduating from college, many students participate in a ritual known as “the internship.” I was an intern myself at one time. For many interns, this period of time is entirely devoted to trying to obtain a marketable skill while subsisting on crap wages — or even no wages at all. […]

How much house can I afford?

I still remember when I bought our first house, which we still live in today, and if you read the blog back in 2005, you probably remember when I bought our first house too. (the wonders of blogging!) It was the biggest financial decision of my life up to that point, whether to sign my name to buy a house nearly five times my salary. […]

Does “Leaning In” Make Sense?

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’ve probably been unable to avoid mention of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, a book by the Facebook COO that encourages professional women to “lean in” in some areas of their life and “lean out” of others, abandoning the idea of “having it all” (here’s an example of CNN’s coverage) and instead achieving balance by matching up your “lean in” areas and your “lea […]

Do You Let Brands Use You for Advertising?

From one of my social media accounts a few days ago, I responded to an article in Psychology Today. First of all, the article is a good read that discusses the relationship between money and happiness, and a recent study that disagrees with some of the more publicized studies from the past few years. It’s worth a note in a future article. […]

Ask the Readers: What Are Your Green Habits?

There are many ways to be green. You can grow your own organic garden, use homemade or natural cleaners, or even just drink from a reusable water bottle. And not only are eco-friendly practices good for the earth, they can be good for your wallet, too! What are your green habits? What are the costs and benefits of these habits? […]

Mental Accounting: Why You Blow Your Tax Refund but Not Your Raise

The first (and last) time I went to Las Vegas, I discovered that gambling is not for me. I was in Sin City for a cousin's wedding, and my generous parents were bankrolling my minimal gambling. The first day, they had given my sister and me about $50 each to spend on the slot machines, and I had sidled up to an electronic poker game full of excitement. My first or second round won me about $100. […]

Help a Reader: Settling Old Collection Debts

Reader Shaun sent me an email about an old credit card debt from six years ago that, as a result of not paying, was drawing from his bank account. Technically, it went to court and the courts ordered a garnishment on his bank account. […]

25 Great Non-Sandwich Work Lunches

Experiencing peanut butter and jelly fatigue? Can’t stomach one more turkey on rye? Ditch that old school approach to brown baggin’ it and get creative with these 25 ways to think outside the bread when packing your work lunch. (See also: 25 Quick, Cheap Lunch Ideas) 1. […]

Building a life we value

The reason why I think “earn more” is better than “spend less” is not simply because more money gives us more options to amass a positive net worth, or because I don’t like to spent my time transporting my garbage to somebody else’s trash dump. I think this way mainly because I cherish human work and creativity, and I see wealth as the accumulated expression of this work. […]

Best Money Tips: Free Ways to Spend Time With Your Family

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on free ways to spend time with your family, making money in your spare time, and interview tips for recent grads. Top 5 Articles 20 Free Ways To Spend Time With Your Family — If you want to spend time with your family for free, go on a hike or visit a free museum. […]

When Multitasking Can Work

It's not news by now that multitasking is not really a useful strategy to get more done. If you’re working on a task that needs your attention, the task will suffer if you try to share your focus with another task. But there are some situations when multitasking can make sense. […]

Reader Profile: DL

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]

Be friendly with slow-cooked budget-friendly meals

As I’ve mentioned before a couple of times, we live in an area that could likely see a lot of furlough activity.  Though there is the possibility of using the furlough days to good benefit, a lot of my friends are looking for good ways to save money as they are looking unlovingly at thousands of dollars in pay cuts into the start of autumn. Going out to restaurants a lot less, and eating in a lot […]