April 18, 2013

How Can I Become Financially Independent?

Greg writes in: I don’t see how a person making minimum wage can ever become financially independent. It’s basically impossible. It’s far from impossible. It’s just a matter of priorities. Let’s say you’re single and live in Washington state, where minimum wage is $9.19 per hour. You work forty hours a week for fifty weeks a year, earning $18,380. […]

What is a Trust Fund?

    Back in my college days I had several friends that seemed to have access to all the money in the world as they went to school. One friend in particular spent all kinds of money on off roading vehicles and modifications, and that was just one of his expensive hobbies. I was a bit jealous to see him and all the amazing things he purchased and did. […]

What To Do If You’ve Donated to a Fraudulent Charity

It happened after September 11, Katrina, Sandy, the Boston Marathon, and other disasters, man-made and natural, around the world. After serious tragedies, when a compassionate public is at its most vulnerable, unscrupulous individuals find taking advantage the world’s generosity comes easy. […]

Reader Mailbag: Rainy Season

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Check expiration dates 2. Handling salary bump 3. Cash stash 4. “Umbrella” insurance policies? 5. Why bother? 6. Is this frugal tactic safe? 7. Comparing cell phone plans 8. Missing a 1099 9. How is tax return bad? 10. […]

Why Does Capital One Have So Many ABA Routing Numbers?

What happens when banks buy banks? You get a mess of ABA routing numbers. In a process that is years in the making, I’ve been consolidating more accounts I no longer need. This time, my Capital One Banking account is the one that is getting the ax. I opened the account years ago because of a Costco promotion that gave it a pretty good interest rate. […]

Retirement Account IRA Cap Proposal in Obama Budget

There were two major headlines (so far!) from President Obama’s budget proposal – using Chained CPI for Social Security and a cap on retirement accounts. Many places have cited the cap as a $3 million cap but in reality it’s a calculation. The limit is based on how much you could get from your retirement account if you converted it to an annuity. […]

Defining a healthy dose of lifestyle inflation

This post is from staff writer Holly Johnson. On April 1st, I got an unpleasant surprise, and it wasn’t an April Fools joke or gag. I found out that one of our renters didn’t have enough money to pay all of his rent. Since nothing like this has ever happened before, I was definitely caught off guard. Still, it wasn’t the end of the world. […]

How to Negotiate With Confidence and Strike the Best Deal

I'm always surprised when I see otherwise confident, capable, and brilliant people cower at the prospect of a little friendly negotiating. When it comes time to buy a car, hire a service, or pick up a second-hand coffee table, we shy away from haggling. I think it's largely due to being unprepared and not knowing the protocols that can help ensure success. The result? […]

How to Stick to Personal Deadlines

There's a big difference between a deadline that your boss sets for you and one you set for yourself. Even if there's a little grumbling along the way, you'll work hard to meet a deadline that a manager imposes because you know that there are serious consequences to not getting your work done. […]

Best Money Tips: Make Money Through Spring Cleaning

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on making money through spring cleaning, who pays for what in a wedding, and things happy people do differently. Top 5 Articles 4 Simple Ways to Make Money Through Spring Cleaning — To make money through spring cleaning, participate in consignment sales. […]

The 5 Best Juicers

There are plenty of good reasons for someone to invest in a juicer. First of all, making your own juice at home is cheaper in the long term than buying juice from a grocery store or Jamba Juice. Juicing the fruit that you consume is also healthier because the process of separating the pulp concentrates the nutrients and allows the body to absorb the nutrition more easily. […]

7 Retirement Savings Busters

MSN Money lists seven retirement savings busters as follows: Extended long-term care could be needed. Your parents may require assistance. Children may still need help. You may have unexpected travel plans. Inflation will sap your purchasing power for decades after retirement. Moving costs could be a big expense in retirement. […]