May 2013

1st Annual Top Money Guru Poll

I’ve never been one to do “best of” or “award” types of posts but I thought it might be fun to find out, from you guys, the money expert you think should be given Bargaineering’s 1st Annual Top Money Guru award. […]

The high cost of saying “no”

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. Before I became a full-time freelancer, I worked in the communications department at a large non-profit. The organization hosted several events every year, from small local workshops to huge statewide conferences, and we always needed to fill some holes in the event schedule. This was never easy. […]

Should You Become Your Parents' Caregiver?

As our parents age, more and more of us are becoming family caregivers — and often filling the role with little preparation or planning. Nobody wants to think about their parents being unable to care for themselves — so often, we simply don’t. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Cool Off on a Budget?

The days are warming up, and they'll only get hotter as summer approaches. While it's easy to blast the AC nonstop whenever you break a sweat, this isn't the most energy-efficient or budget-friendly approach for most people. How do you cool off on a budget? Do you stay indoors, or escape to somewhere cooler outside your home? […]

Why I Love Lists

I love making lists. In fact, lists of all sorts organize and drive big parts of my life. […]

Control Your Debt With an Annual Clean Sweep

If you choose to use debt to manage fluctuations in cash flow, simplistic advice to live debt free isn't helpful. Here's a simple, practical test for keeping your debt under control. (See also: How Debt Fools People) If you spend more than you earn month after month, you're letting your debt get out of control. […]

Best Money Tips: Free Things to Do in the Summer

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on free things to do in the summer, getting free medication prescriptions, and budgeting when having a baby. Top 5 Articles 33 Free Things to Do in the Summer — This summer, have fun for free by reading a book or having a garage sale. […]

Introducing Wealth Lion

For the eight years that I've been writing FMF, I've used Typepad's service for the site. They include both the content management system (how I publish posts and control the site's design) as well as the hosting (how readers see/access the site on the web). It was a great beginning blogging service since it was very easy and my technical experience was zero. […]

Fourteen Ways Your Life Improves When You Get Your Personal Finances Under Control

When your personal finances begin to turn around, the ramifications in your life go far, far beyond merely having money in your checking account. When your car breaks down, it’s not a life-shattering crisis. […]

Reader Mailbag: The Tragedy

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. “Rent to own” proposal 2. Trying to change routines 3. Spouse disagreement about retirement savings 4. Local Edward Jones for investments 5. Cast iron pot 6. Hate others thinking I’m cheap 7. School fees or 401(k) savings? 8. […]

The first step to teaching our kids about money

This post is from staff writer Lisa Aberle. By the time you read this, my husband and I should be in the middle of hanging out on a different continent for eight weeks — with our kids. Allow me to digress for a few sentences before I get to the point of this article. We started the adoption process two years ago. […]

How to Save 10-20% on Online Purchases, Every Day

I love shopping online because I can generally find a better deal (and a better selection of merchandise) than what I often find in brick-and-mortar stores. If you time your purchases correctly, you can take advantage of online coupons and sales to get a pretty good discount. The problem is, those special promotions and sales can happen infrequently. What if you need something fast? […]

6 Reasons to Love Your Bank

No one likes banks these days. The media is telling us that they are charging more fees and are to blame for the financial crisis. But the reality is that now is the time to love your bank more than ever. Imagine that a security company guarded your house around the clock. […]

Best Money Tips: Tried and Tested Tips for a Frugal Life

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on tips for a frugal life, free summer fun for kids, and cutting your cable bill 90%. Top 5 Articles 44 Tried and Tested Tips For a Frugal Life — If you want to live a frugal life, find affordable recipes and make your own detergent. […]

Don’t believe the bull

This post is from staff writer Richard Barrington. Have you got bull market fever yet? Its symptoms are giddiness and a blurring of reality. It happens when the stock market has had such a run of success that investors start to imagine just what kind of riches it would create if that run just kept going. […]

Crowdfunding Websites

So you have all the characteristics of an entrepreneur and you are determined to start your own business if it kills you. You take a lot of time in writing a business plan that will blow people away. Now comes to the money part of it. You have rulled out bootstrapping your startup and you need money now. […]

Happy Memorial Day

Just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day to everyone (it's a holiday where we remember the service and sacrifice of those who have given their lives for our country.) Like most others in the U.S., I'm taking the day off -- I'll be back tomorrow.In addition to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for America, I like to remember and thank all our veterans, enlisted personnel, officers, and their […]

Staying Afloat Isn’t Enough

According to this survey, 68% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Two out of every three adults living in the United States would suffer significant challenges if their next paycheck were delayed or absent. In 2012, about 20,500,000 Americans lost their jobs, according to this data analysis. […]

A New Morning

Every single day gives us a new morning. We’ve awakened to a day that is free from mistakes. It’s full of hours and hours of opportunity. Do we fill those hours with doing the same old thing that got us into the state that we’re in today? […]

13 smart ways to be frugal at work without looking like a cheapskate

This is a guest post from Ivan Chan. Ivan teaches busy professionals simple ways to manage money and worry less in life at Wealthy Without Worry. Being frugal is hard. You’ve been so disciplined all week with your spending, you’ve kept to your budget, and you’ve even resisted buying that new thing you wanted to try. […]