July 12, 2013

Frugality and Desperation

Most of the readers of this site are in the fortunate position to be able to think of frugality as a tactic rather than a requirement. It’s a useful strategy for maximizing the difference between the money coming into your life and the money going out of your life so that you can build financial independence and security. For many people, however, frugality isn’t an option – it’s a requirement. […]

Find the Best CD Rates for Investing Your Money

We have talked a lot about 401k’s and rolling over your employer-sponsored 401k into a either a traditional IRA, or a Roth IRA account when you leave your employer. While IRAs offer several tax benefits, there are reasons you might consider depositing those funds into a Certificate of Deposit (CD). What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD) A CD is a specialized account that offers higher interest rate […]

Debit Card Pay: Extra Fees or Money-Saving Opportunity?

Last month, a McDonald’s employee in Pennsylvania sued her employer to receive all of her rightful wages. This was a class-action lawsuit for the benefit of all employees now faced with an annoying trend. Employers are forgoing paychecks and direct deposit in favor of distributing wages on prepaid debit cards. Here’s how it works. […]

An Ode to the National Park Service

Over the past two weeks, Sarah and I combined a tenth anniversary getaway for the two of us along with a family vacation for ourselves, our children, and Sarah’s parents and youngest sister. […]

Your Take: Oregon’s Attend College Now, Pay 3% for 25 Years Later

It’s no secret that students graduate with a ton of student loan debt. It was front in center at the beginning of the month when Congress failed to do anything to stop a huge increase in the interest rate on Stafford loans. I relied heavily on subsidized Stafford loans (and other loans) in order to attend Carnegie Mellon and the favorable interest rate made the loan’s outsized balance manageable. […]

Ask the Readers: What are the most important money lessons that parents should teach their children?

This guest post is from Sumitha who blogs at A Fine Parent, a unique personal development blog exclusively for parents. Can parents really protect their children from making big money mistakes? There’s no straightforward answer to this question. Consider our own story, for instance. Both my husband and I come from financially conservative families where debt is frowned upon. […]

SavedPlus Giving Away $3,000 to Wise Bread Readers

SavedPlus, a free savings tool that automatically deposits a small percentage of your purchases into your savings account, is doing a huge giveaway for Wise Bread readers! […]

Do You Know Your Retirement "Number"?

Have you ever seen the TV commercials with people strolling through town or the neighborhood carrying their retirement number? The numbers vary from person to person, but the general range seems to be between $1 million and $2 million. […]

Best Deals for Friday 07/12

Link for teaser title:  http://www.wisebread.com/deals 20 Kindle Kids' Books $1 Each, DiscountMags 1-yr subscriptions $5, Target Black Friday Deals, and more! […]

Best Money Tips: Save Money While in College

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on ways to save money in college, the biggest money wasters, and email etiquette. Top 5 Articles 11 Ways To Save Money While In College — Save money while in college by avoiding credit cards and selling things you don't need. […]

Epiphanies: Catalysts of change

This is a guest post from Terry R. Vergon who wrote “A Journey of Epiphanies:  Learning Leadership,” which looks at the specific epiphanies that enable people to become great leaders and affect change. Five Cent Nickel offers great suggestions and behaviors to help us become more financially successful, but what drives us to adopt these behaviors? […]

The Discover It Card: Attractive Cash Back Awards for Shoppers

What if you had a rewards credit card that treats you like you would treat yourself? That's the marketing campaign behind the Discover It card, which promises to provide you with attractive rewards and a personal customer service experience. With some innovative practices, the Discover It card has been making waves. […]