July 21, 2013

What Would I Do With a Large Windfall?

It’s a natural human dream that many of us have. Something happens and suddenly a substantial chunk of money falls on our lap – enough to change the dynamics of our life in some fashion. For a lot of people, a windfall would be used to pay off debts. That mortgage would disappear, as would those credit card debts. For others (even many of the people with debts), a big splurge would be in order. […]

Do Low Mortgage Rates Change Whether You Should Pay Your Home Off Early?

Over the last few years, home mortgage rates have drifted up and down between 3% and 4.5% for a thirty year fixed rate loan. That’s astonishingly low, especially considering savings accounts were giving out 6% returns in 2006. (I remember those days… 6% in a savings account. […]

Reader Story: I bought a foreclosure house on the courthouse steps

This guest post is from Naomi Mannino. Naomi is a freelance consumer personal finance and health journalist who reports on health, medical and personal finance news and how it will affect your life today. You can follow Naomi on Twitter @naomimannino. Some reader stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. […]