August 5, 2013

Five Tactics for Handling a Clogged Pipe Without Calling the Plumber and Breaking the Bank

I have children who get into all sorts of messy situations. They’ll get all muddy and pet the neighbor’s dog. They’ll roll around in the grass and get all sorts of dried grass on themselves. My daughter has long, thick, wavy hair, too. The end result? Our bathtub drain gets clogged on a fairly regular basis. […]

Reader Mailbag: Summer Weather and Event Planning

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Handling low interest student loan 2. Endless justifications 3. Paying escrow balance early 4. Measuring success 5. Finding ways to save more 6. Internet service question 7. Criticism of day trading 8. […]

Advice From 1871 on How to Succeed in Business and Get Wealthy

There may be only about six stories in personal finance, but those stories seem to endure the passing of time. Good storytellers can breathe new life into the same old financial advice, and great communicators can introduce world-weary concepts to those who might need to hear them for the first time. […]

Beware McDonald’s Monopoly Trading Scams

The McDonald’s Monopoly game is one of the biggest company-sponsored contests out there. Each year, millions play the game, millions win, and it’s become a bit of a magnet for scammers. One of the things that always happens is that our post discussing How to Win the McDonald’s Monopoly Game garners a ton of comments and we try our best to weed out the scammers. […]

4 steps to finding financial improvement

This post is from staff writer Lisa Aberle. The two worst years of my financial life were 2007 to 2009. Before 2007, our income was low, but our expenses were low, too. We didn’t save much, but we didn’t spend more than we earned, either. Then we saw our dream house. And we bought it while we still owned our first house. For two years, we had two mortgages. […]

7 Cheap Home Decorating Projects That Look Amazing

As the housing market gradually makes a comeback, many folks are buying and beginning to decorate their first homes. Still gun-shy from the recession, some first-time home buyers are looking for ways to furnish and decorate their new digs without breaking the bank or going into debt. Never fear. […]

Best Deals for Monday 08/05

Link for teaser title: Broccoli Wad Money Band 2-Pack $3, Eastbay Soccer Shorts $2, Home Depot up to 75% off, and more! […]

10 Things You Didn’t Learn in College (but You Should Have)

I used to see school as a sort of factory — one that ingested small children and spat out highly trained adults who would be snapped up by big companies that would pay them lots and lots of money. Of course, somewhere along the way, we all tend to come to the (very crushing) realization that it doesn't quite work that way. […]

Best Money Tips: Best and Worst Buys of August 2013

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the best and worst buys of August 2013, jobs to satisfy your wanderlust, and rules for buying a home. Top 5 Articles Best and Worst Buys of August 2013 — This month is a great month to buy laptop bundles but a horrible month to buy patio furniture. […]

The past, present and future of personal finance

This post is from staff writer Richard Barrington. When you think about money, are you primarily concerned with the past, the present or the future? Living in the present is generally considered a healthy way to go through life, and this extends to personal finances as well. […]

Discount Luxury: Save 50% or More on 5 Fabulous Substitutions

You don’t have to be rich or famous to try to put some luxury in your life. While it may be a stretch to own a private jet or a magnificent vacation home, there are still lots of little things you can do to still feel like a million bucks without spending that much. Here are some frugal ways to mimic some favorite luxuries. (See also: 8 Little Luxuries That Go a Long Way) 1. […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of Aug 5

Just a reminder that Wealth Lion has posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If interested, you can subscribe to Wealth Lion and get all the updates first-hand. I will not be posting weekly summaries here for much longer, so consider yourself warned if you miss out on the great stuff there. […]