August 13, 2013

Habitual returners: It’s even worse than I thought

A few weeks ago I posted on why habitually returning things to the store isn’t a bargain. I gave two main reasons why: It’s a poor use of time.  Returning stuff takes time — sometimes a lot of time.  Time isn’t free. You get on the store’s naughty list and could be refused business in the future. The latter point is probably the more convincing one.  It’s easier to imagine lost shopping privileg […]

Want to Save Enormous Amounts of Money? Change Where You Live

One of the most mystifying things that readers write to me about is when they’re living in a very expensive urban area and struggling with a minimum wage job or just above it. I received a note not long ago from “Jenny,” who lived in San Francisco and made only $22,000 a year. She shared an apartment with three other people and had virtually no money. […]

What You Need to Know about Applying for a Credit Card as a College Graduate

Now that you have graduated from college, it’s time to start considering how you will organize your finances. A credit card can help you build your credit history, making it easier for you to qualify for larger loans, like mortgages. […]

Inconsistent Consistency

For the last several years, I’ve had this painful up-and-down relationship with exercise. I’m a routine-oriented person and I certainly possess the willpower to exercise every single day. When I first decided to really focus on exercise in 2008, I started on this great daily schedule that worked like a charm for about two weeks. […]

5 Car Insurance Discounts You Should Know About

Ahhh insurance! Everyone loves insurance! Actually no one loves car insurance, except for insurance agents, because it’s something we pay for that we hope we never need. […]

Redeeming your credit card rewards — what do you do with them?

This post is from staff writer Kristin Wong. I recently came across an interesting statistic. According to a poll from Harris Interactive, 41 percent of people rarely or never redeem their credit card rewards. It almost hurts to know all of those rewards are going to waste. […]

Ask the Readers: Do You Buy Vouchers?

Buying vouchers from sites like Groupon, Living Social, and can be a great way to save on new experiences, from dining to vacations to auto services. Then again, the lure of a deal can also get people to spend more than they can afford. Do you buy vouchers? What types of experiences or services do you usually look for, and what sites do you use to find them? […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Tuesday 08/13

Free App of the Day: PicShop - Photo Editor Beautiful design combined with tons of editing options and dozens of filters. With support for HD images up to 8 MP, PicShop is great for serious photographers as well as casual. […]

The Greatest Frugal Fashion Makeover Ever: Refresh Your Wardrobe for $25 or Less

We're all busy. When you're busy, it's hard enough to do basic things like eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise. Keeping up a quality wardrobe that lets you show off who you are in a fun, refined way often falls by the wayside. If money is an issue, it's even easier to let things slide, since browsing when you can't buy anything is just plain depressing. […]

The Basics of Asset Allocation

Whenever you talk to an investment professional, she invariably mentions the importance of asset allocation. Closely linked to the discussion of asset allocation is the concept of diversification. […]

Best Money Tips: Confusing Tipping Situations, Solved

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on confusing tipping situations solved, ways to avoid a financial collapse, and why you should take a vacation. Top 5 Articles 9 Confusing Tipping Situations, Solved! — Did you know most people don't tip at self-serve restaurants? […]

Your House Is a Hobby, Not an Investment

We recently sold our first house. We bought the house just over four years ago and put a lot of time, sweat, and money into it. Luckily, we bought a fixer-upper at the right time and unlike many people, we were able to sell it and get the money we put into it back out. But, since the housing crash in 2008, I've probably heard the phrase "a house isn't an investment" about 5,000 times. […]

Help a Reader: Building a Home

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: My wife and I just purchased and moved into a property that we have been looking for for years. We bought 7 acres hidden by trees with complete privacy and not too far from both of our jobs/her schooling. We were searching for a home to fix up or land cheap enough to build on. […]