August 18, 2013

Eight Tactics for a More Effective Grocery List

One of the best tactics a person can have for cutting their food and household supply expenses is to always have a grocery list when they go to the store. If you go to the store without a list, you’re far more prone to buying things that you don’t really need. Here’s the thing: just having a grocery list doesn’t help too much if that grocery list doesn’t make any sense. […]

Finding Frugality in the Palm of Your Hand

Yesterday afternoon, I walked my three year old son to the bathroom at a park. He held my hand the entire way, skipping and dancing and laughing. A few days ago, my daughter hurt herself on a trampoline. I went to her, pulled her close, and wiped the tears away. […]

Reader Stories: How I paid off $610,000 in debt, became a dad and quit my job — in 2 years

This reader story comes from John Corcoran, an attorney, former Clinton White House writer and blogger at, where he writes about how to use smart political strategies in business. […]

eBay has made determining fair market value a lot easier

The web has created enormous price competition for pretty much anyone who sells anything.  No longer are people stuck with the price of a local store.  People can get great pricing information just by doing a web search. A web search gives someone searching for price most of the picture.  It racks and stacks different stores’ prices against one another: seller vs. […]