August 20, 2013

Reader Tip Tuesday #5

For any parent on a budget, back-to-school shopping can feel more like a back-to-school spending free-for-all. It’s the same every year. Teachers send out those foot-long lists of “required” and “recommended” supplies, and kids are eager not to be the only student who isn’t touting the latest and greatest backpack, lunchbox, pants, or pens on that first day. […]

Join Us for a Live Google Hangout About College Finances This Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST

This Wednesday, I'll be participating in a Google+ Hangout where we'll be discussing finances for college freshmen — everything from money-saving tips to how to manage student loans to the results of a recent Real Costs of College survey. The event is hosted by the Kin Community, and in addition to myself, the following guests will be participating: Morgan Quinn from Mint Catherine Alford from Bu […]


When I’m writing articles for The Simple Dollar, I’m always scouring my life for positive personal finance stories to share. What things have I done that have worked for me? What principles have I seen show up time and time again in my life? How do I keep myself positively motivated? Over a long period of time, it all presents a very positive picture. […]

Depressed? It Could Be Your Debt

As of July 2013, the average American credit card debt was $15,325, and the average student loan debt was $32,041. (See also: How Much Does Your Credit Card Debt Cost You?) Reading those numbers makes me think about my own lingering student loan debt, and that gives me a clenching feeling in my stomach. As it turns out, I'm not the only one who feels stressed about debt. […]

What Happens When the Opt-Out Moms Want Back In?

As a work at home mom, I have a natural interest in all things related career and parenting. It’s been especially interesting to me to read recently pieces on what has become of the so-called opt-out generation. An article for the New York Times recently revisited the lives of women who had opted out of work 10 years ago. Where are they now? […]

Ten Things You Can Do This Evening to Save Money

Frugality isn’t a handful of big things that you do every once in a while to save cash. It’s a steady routine of little steps that, over time, add up to a big difference. Best of all, those little steps are the ones you choose. […]

How to Save Money on Discounted Movie Tickets

A few weeks ago, I took advantage of a Gillette promotion that left me with a Fandango code for a free movie ticket. We haven’t been to the movies in several months and so we caught an early showing of Despicable Me 2 (we love those minions!) in a near empty theater. […]

Confession: I Don’t Track Every Penny

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. Sometimes my personal-finance articles make my friends feel guilty. “I read your article about saving money, and now I feel bad about the shoes I just bought,” says Guilt-Stricken Friend. “I don’t need them. I think I should return them.” Perhaps she’s waiting for me to tell her that she’s right, that she should return them. […]

6 Secrets for Balancing Work and Life

Link for teaser title: Saying "no" the right way can make you more productive. Find out how on our commissioned guest post for Amex's #PassionProject. […]

Ask the Readers: Do You Shop Back-to-School Sales?

Who says you need to be a student (or shopping for a student) to take advantage of the deals offered during the back-to-school season? This is a great time to net huge savings on things like laptops, furniture, office supplies, and more. Do you shop back-to-school sales? Do you buy supplies specifically for school or just everyday living? […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Tuesday 08/20

Free App of the Day: Monkey Boxing - Step inside the ring, do powerful K.O.s and combos, customize your monkey, and compete for HUGE trophies. 40% Off Lightweight Sweaters for Women - Shop lightweight sweaters for women and save 40% or more from brands like GUESS, Monsoon, Mango, 2b by bebe, and Wallflower Jeans Today Only! […]

8 Financial To-Do's for College Freshmen

College freshmen are often leaving home for the first time and will therefore need to be responsible for their own personal finances, without direct help from mom and dad. […]

Self-Made Billionaires: Investment Lessons From Their Success

According to Forbes, there are over 1,400 billionaires in the world. Sure, some of these folks inherited business empires from their parents. Many grew in wealth as they guided the development of small concerns into large publicly held companies, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Google. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Negotiate Your Rent Payment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on negotiating rent payments, free stuff for your birthday, and making your commute suck less. Top 5 Articles How to Negotiate Your Rent Payment — To negotiate your rent payment, pay your rent early and propose a longer lease term. […]

Update on FMF and WL

It's been a couple months since I launched Wealth Lion (WL) and thought it was time for an update on where I’m going with both sites.If you recall, having an extra site started because of two issues: I was having problems with my blogging platform, Typepad (too much spam and not enough flexibility) Readers had conflicting thoughts on what they wanted to read on a personal finance website. […]