August 25, 2013


There are days where life seems crazy and almost completely overwhelming. I’m wracked with writer’s block and project deadlines. My wife is running late from work. I have a cold and a headache is blooming. My youngest child demonstrates why his age is sometimes called the “terrible threes.” I break a handmade ceramic plate on the floor. […]

Reader Stories: 5 money-savvy tips for recovering from a divorce

This story comes from reader Julia Lawrence. Julia thoroughly enjoys writing about finances, pop culture and selling diamonds! When she isn’t hard at work writing, she spends her time wither with an absolutely adorable Mini Golden Retriever, Jake, and her [new] husband, Mr. Julia Lawrence. Follow Jules at Google+ & @DiamondLining. […]

Soup to nuts: Preparing meals to save money

Being careless with spending on food can be a budget-buster.  If there’s enough cushion in your budget that you can be a bit careless, that’s great, but when a pinch happens, careful grocery purchasing could be the difference between staying out of the hole and getting into one.  Cutting the fat out of a grocery budget is one of the easiest and best ways to save money. Northern Cheapskate retweete […]