August 30, 2013

A Little Bit of History Repeating

Few things make me sadder than witnessing children repeating the same mistakes as their parents, or younger siblings repeating the same mistakes as their older siblings, or professionals repeating the same mistakes as their mentors. I’ve seen it countless times. People make mistakes in life. We’re human. […]

Earning extra income, One Cent At A Time

The following is a guest post from SB as part of a Yakezie blog swap. SB blogs at One Cent at a Time. My guest post on the same topic is up at his blog so, please check it out! I sincerely thank John for allowing me to guest post on his fabulous blog today. I have been blogging only for little over two years now. Nothing as compared to John’s experience in blogging.   (Nah, just stubbornness. […]

Financial Problems Impair Cognitive Abilities

Need more evidence that the financially disadvantaged are in a worse position to succeed in education and work than those without financial concerns? A new report published in the journal Science shows how financial constraints, particularly poverty, impede cognitive functioning. […]

LastDollar, July 2013 Net Worth

In Naked With Cash, seven anonymous Consumerism Commentary readers publicly track and analyze their finances on a monthly basis. For almost a decade, I tracked my own finances on Consumerism Commentary; now I’m sharing the benefits of public accountability with the participants. I’ve partnered with financial planners who will offer some guidance along the way. […]

What I See When I Look at Our Finances

When I look at our financial accounts, I don’t just see dollars and cents. Whenever I look at our checking account, I see Sarah sleeping peacefully without a financial worry in the world. She’s not worried about paying the bills or making the property taxes. […]

Your Take: Are You Driving Less?

We’ve tossed around the idea of selling your ride and living carless, and many people are finding more efficient ways to get around, but it’s still hard to believe we’re seeing an end of an era. Driving just isn’t cool anymore. According to a new report from the John A. Volpe Transportation Systems Center, people are driving less and less in America. […]

Is a timeshare a good investment?

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. Summer is winding down and so you’re sitting on the patio catching up with your friends. Mark and Sally just came back from their timeshare vacation on Maui, and they’re breathless as they recount all the fun things they did. […]

Spare Change: Housing edition

This post is by staff writer April Dykman. For the last seven months, my husband and I have been renovating our new home. But before that, we spent months searching for the right house. There were a few times when I wondered if the right house even existed. This is my own fault because my list of wants was maybe a little difficult to satisfy. […]

What to Buy (and Avoid Buying) in September

Once again, we're heading into the home stretch; the big shopping days are going to be here in no time. Black Friday, Holidays, New Year, it's all just around the corner. But for many of us, there are still a few great months of sunshine. And whatever the weather, there are always great bargains to grab, if you know what you're looking for. […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Friday 08/30

11 Free Apps of the Day! PAC-MAN HD (Kindle Tablet Edition) - Now PAC-MAN, the world-famous arcade classic, returns in this faithful rendition for Kindle Fire--with the same spectral chases, quick decisions, and insatiably hungry yellow hero you know and love.   Drawing Pad - Create your own art using life-size, photo-realistic crayons, markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, stickers, rolle […]

10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

It's one of the diseases everyone seems to be talking about lately. Diabetes. It's been called a disease of civilization, an overweight person's inevitability, and more. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what this monster is and what you (or anyone!) can do to reduce the risk of getting it. (See also: Cheap Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar) There are two types of diabetes. […]

Best Money Tips: Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on creative ways to say thank you, signs you're over your job, and how to eat vegetarian on the cheap. Top 5 Articles 9 Creative Ways To Say Thank You — Next time you want to thank someone, consider doing it with food or a video. […]

How to Get Work Experience Without Having a Job

"Need experience to get a job; need a job to get experience" is one of the most frustrating paradoxes faced by those who are still in school or in the midst of a career change. […]

Why I Invest with Index Funds

I have a good portion of my assets in index funds of various kinds (US stocks, international stocks, small cap, etc.) Today I would like to give the reasons I have used index funds as my primary investment vehicle for 15 years or so. Before I begin, I'd like to make a book recommendation. […]

Being a dental cripple is expensive

At a dental checkup about ten years ago, the dentist lectured me as if I were in second grade after looking at my x-rays. No, really.  Something like:  “Well, well, well, boys and girls.  Someone hasn’t been taking care of their teeth, have they?” I distinctly remember the phrase boys and girls.  He used it twice. I listened to his condescending speech, and hid the fact that every square millimete […]