September 18, 2013

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Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: Emergency Funds! […]

Sleep Better With Calming Words

Via Lifehacker and Men's Health comes word of a surprising discovery reported in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology that people sleep better, and perhaps fall asleep faster, simply by exposure to "sleep-related" words and phrases. […]

The Fear of a 401(k)

When I was in high school, my father’s employer launched a 401(k) program. He’d been there for twenty five years (off and on) at that time and was getting fairly close to his retirement, so it wasn’t a huge deal for him. Still, my father has always been pretty careful with his money. Aside from their mortgage, my parents have never been in significant debt, even during periods of unemployment. […]

Should Millennials Trust the Stock Market?

First impressions often form the basis of how a young person perceives an object for the remainder of that person’s life. The object in question could be another person, a business, an industry, a group of people, or even a part of society. Deeply-seated beliefs are entrenched during several stages of formative development. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Pencil and Paper Games Edition

Whenever we go to a restaurant, I usually wind up playing a pencil and paper game with my kids – tic-tac-toe, the dot game, and so on. Lately, though, we’ve been getting creative and trying to design new games. This has involved crazy grids, tearing of corners for playing pieces, and lots of other things. Try designing a simple game with your kids the next time you eat out with them. […]

What’s all this taper talk? — Updated

If you follow any finance nerds on Twitter or watch CNBC, it’s going to be hard to avoid hearing the word “taper” today. But what the heck is it? “The taper” is the label the financial press and the markets have slapped the Federal Reserve’s decision to start slowing down their massive purchases of long-term government debt and investments backed by mortgages, whenever it finally comes down. […]

Local cheapskate to run Bargaineering

I’ve been given the difficult task of trying to fill the sizable shoes of Bargaineering’s founder, Jim Wang. […]

Changing careers: The grass isn’t always greener

This post is by staff writer Holly Johnson. Earlier this year, my husband and I made a decision that will change the course of our lives, for better or for worse. After 10 years in the mortuary industry, we decided that it was time for my husband to make a change. He was frustrated, burnt out, and tired of working weekends, late nights, and holidays. […]

16 Amazon Deal Hacks You May Not Already Know

Shopping on Amazon is already a money and time saver. Check the Sunday ads for brick-and-mortar electronics stores such as Best Buy, or browse a bookstore, and chances are you can find the same items on Amazon for less. But there are so many methods for finding deals on Amazon that most of us don't know all of them. These simple tricks can take your Amazon savings to a whole new level. […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Wednesday 09/18

Free App of the Day: Dr. Panda's Beauty Salon - It’s time to unleash your inner stylist in Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon! Made for boys and girls 2+, they can paint faces, nails, make necklaces, dress-up different customers and even pluck nose hairs with a cute cast of animal friends in over 11 different mini-games. Today Only! Bosch Digital Distance Measurer Kit $62.99 (from $189.47) - 67% off! […]

End Potato Prejudice: 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Potatoes

It's easy to forget the health benefits of the potato. The humble tuber has acquired a bad rap over the past decade, and it's high time for a tater comeback. What was once a beloved vegetable — a staple of family dinners, practically required at holiday meals, and even turned into a series of adorable children's toys — suddenly became the black sheep of the vegetable arena. […]

The 5 Best Refrigerators

A household appliance that needs no introduction, the refrigerator is a staple found in just about every kitchen. As a matter of fact, most residences include a refrigerator when you move in. But what happens when you need to buy a new one? Many modern fridges are more complex than the simple "freezer on top, fridge on bottom" styles of old. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Save on Home Decor

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on saving on home decor, travel hacks that will save you time and money, and getting your spouse involved with family finances. Top 5 Articles How To Save On Home Decor — Adding a new rug or swapping out artwork can spruce up your home without breaking the bank. […]

5 Things Your Teen Needs (or Doesn’t Need) in a Bank Account

Teens taught to save from an early age may gain an advantage over kids with no parental direction concerning finances. How you handle your money matters will have a strong impact on your child's view of money and the values they hold into adulthood. […]

Money 101: Becoming Wealthy is Simple, But Not Easy (Unless You Have These Characteristics)

This piece is part of a series I'm calling Money 101 and is designed for those who might not be as advanced in their personal finance knowledge and experience. Many Americans believe that there is some great secret to becoming wealthy. They think it requires a combination of luck, vast knowledge, and a trick or two that only a few can pull off. […]

What’s your number?

This post is by staff writer William Cowie. Are you curious to know how Warren Buffett succeeded so spectacularly at his investing? I am, so I’m working my way through his (thick) authorized biography. If there’s anything that matches his investing prowess, it’s his readiness to share his secrets with all who are interested. […]

Americans are filthy rich, but you wouldn’t know it

Odds are good that you’ve heard of NBC’s Million Second Quiz, which is about half over now. If you haven’t, the premise is simple: The quiz is a million seconds long. You earn money by sitting in the Money Chair. You get into the Money Chair by beating the person in the Money Chair at a multiple-choice trivia quiz. […]