November 2013

Ten Personal Finance Questions That Are Always Worth Asking Yourself

My experience with money – going from mountains of debt to debt freedom – over the last decade has taught me one sure financial principle that simply repeats itself over and over in my life. Personal finance is all about self-evaluation. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #154

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Lois McMaster Bujold on reputation and honor “Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself. Guard your honor. […]

Comments of the week, game console flipping edition

Claes BellAnother week, another set of thought-provoking comments from readers. Readers weren’t too keen on Black Friday. […]

If You Want a New Year’s Resolution to Actually Succeed, Start Now

Many people make New Year’s resolutions – I do it myself some years. They’re usually made with the best of intentions, with the hopes of creating some level of self-improvement. They also usually start off like gangbusters and then fall by the wayside by the start of February. Why does that happen? For starters, resolutions are often poorly planned. […]

Boycott Wal-Mart on Black Friday and Thanksgiving?

Someone I know is boycotting Wal-Mart. I would not be able to boycott Walmart myself, as I never shop there in the first place. My absence from Wal-Mart does not have any effect. I believe I’ve stepped inside the store twice in the past decade or longer, and I don’t remember why. […]

Seeking a Light at the End of the Tunnel

While reading this article by Linda Tirado entitled “This Is Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense,” I was struck by several things. First, when you’re stuck financially, every decision is more stressful. I’ve talked about decision fatigue several times lately on The Simple Dollar, but it’s particularly true when you’re in a very tight financial situation. […]

Your take: Do you Black Friday?

Claes BellIt’s been years since I actually went shopping for Black Friday, but I picture it looking kind of like the illustration above. According to a report by the National Retail Federation, today 140 million Americans will besiege their local big-box stores and malls like a marauding army, but they’ll be out for deals rather than [...]Your take: Do you Black Friday? […]

50 Things You Can Do Today Instead of Going Shopping

Whether it's clothes, jewelry, electronics, or books, who doesn't like the thrill of buying something new? It feels like the perfect way to reward yourself. But if shopping is your favorite leisure activity, the financial repercussions can be disastrous. (See also: Guide to Cash Back Shopping) Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do today instead of shopping. […]

Ask the Readers: If I could turn back time…

This article is by staff writer April Dykman. First things first: I hope everyone read the title of this post and immediately heard Cher’s voice singing it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go. Enjoy having that stuck in your head all day. Okay, now that we know what Cher would do if she could go back in time, let’s talk about other kinds of regrets. Money regrets. […]

Best Money Tips: What You Should Know About a Company Before You Join

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on what you should know about a company before you join, 2013 gift guides, and lowering your food budget without coupons. Top 5 Articles What You Should Know About a Company Before You Join — Before you take a position at a company, comb message boards for gossip. […]

10 Great Gifts from the Thrift Store

Link for teaser title: This year, lessen your carbon footprint, support your local economy, save money, and give to charity all at the same time — buy gifts at the thrift store. […]

The 5 Best Webcams

Dedicated webcams are becoming increasingly rare as they become incorporated into many other electronic devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, modern standalone webcams typically feature high definition and advanced lenses for greater video quality than your normal integrated webcams. […]

Reader Profile: MB

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]

10 Credit Card Pitfalls To Avoid This Holiday Shopping Season

This post comes from Lindsay Meredith at our partner site The holiday shopping season will be in full swing before you know it, and, if you’re like many Americans, you’ll be making your special purchases with a credit card. After all, credit cards are a safe and convenient way to shop, plus they off special protections on the stuff you buy, like extended warranties and insurance. […]

White Friday: The Anti-Black Friday

Here are my big plans for tomorrow. I plan on sleeping in until about eight in the morning – or, more likely, until my children hop in bed with me and wake me up. I’m going to eat a home-cooked breakfast with my parents, my wife, and my children. After that, I plan on spending the morning working on a couple of personal projects. […]

Happy Thanksgiving from The Simple Dollar!

The Reader Mailbag will return on Monday morning. However, there will be a normal afternoon post later today. Happy Thanksgiving! […]

5 ways we waste money on the holidays

Kristin WongBetween gifts, food, travel and parties, we spend hundreds of dollars on the holidays each year. The most recent Gallup holiday poll estimates the average American consumer plans to spend $704 this year. […]

Gift Giving Hacks That Will Save Your Money and Your Sanity

Link for teaser title: When one writer married into a huge family, gift giving got really complicated. Discover her savvy suggestions for saving money and time. […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Thursday 11/28

Brother Home and Office Labeler $9.99 (from $30) - 75% off! The PT-D200 makes it easy to create stylish labels for your home and office. […]

12 Gift Ideas for Crafters

Got someone on your list who loves to make her own jewelry, sew his own clothes, and is a minor celebrity on Pinterest? Here are some ideas that'll to help you cross your friend off your holiday shopping list. (See also: 10 Gifts You Can Make With Paper) 1. Decorative Tape Decorative tape is an essential item in any crafter's arsenal and they can't get enough of it. […]