December 3, 2013

The Finances of Showing Your Children the World

This article first appeared on U.S. News and World Report Money. My daughter has dreamed of going to Paris for as long as I can remember. In kindergarten, one of her major art projects involved a paper sculpture of the Eiffel Tower. She’s watched Ratatouille more times than I can count. […]

How to make the most of your wedding registry

Miranda MarquitRegistering for wedding gifts can be a lot of fun. I remember the heady feeling that accompanied wielding the scanner gun. Choosing your own wedding presents — what could go wrong? But my husband and I soon found ourselves pointing the barcode reader at increasingly silly items, some of which we actually received. […]

Don’t Let Cyberbegging Affect Your Charitable Plan

I’m a sympathetic person. I really am, and sometimes my sympathy has aided me in making bad choices. But I have no patience for people who pretend to be in some kind of destitute condition, a performance entirely possible through the anonymity on the internet, and beg for money. It’s a strategy — a scam — that works, unfortunately. […]

Why Thoughtful Presents Always Trump Expensive Ones

When I was younger, I worried quite a bit about the gifts that I needed to get for some of the people I cared most about in my life. I’d worry and worry about picking out an item that would really show exactly how much I cared for them. Inevitably, that meant spending quite a bit on an item. […]

How to get cops to pay attention to your property crime

Claes BellIn 2006 my house was robbed in broad daylight by unknown individuals. They took my Xbox 360, my laptop and some of my wife’s jewelry, in addition to some other less valuable stuff. […]

Ask the Readers: What Is The Best Gift You've Ever Received?

It's good form to appreciate every gift that comes our way, but the people who just get you also get (or make) the gifts that you absolutely adore. What is the best gift you've ever received? Who gave it to you, and what was the occasion — your birthday, a holiday, graduation, just because? […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Tuesday 12/03

Save $70 on Kindle DX - Get Kindle DX for only $169. Featuring a large 9.7" display with eight adjustable text sizes, it's perfect for large print reading and PDFs. Kindle DX also includes free 3G wireless. […]

What to Buy (and Avoid Buying) in December

I write this as another day of truly vulgar behavior is behind us. Yes, deals are great. I love them. But I did not go anywhere near the craziness today, and with so many tools now available to us, we don't need to venture into the insane crowds to get bargains. Remember, Black Friday deals are not... […]

What you wouldn’t want to hear from your adviser

This article is by contributor Jeff Rose, CFP. He blogs at Good Financial Cents. My role as a financial adviser sometimes feels like a fortune teller. […]

10 Rules of Etiquette Everyone Should Know (and Follow!)

"It is axiomatic that as we mature and grow in years and experience we must be able to meet more demanding social situations with confidence and ease." — Amy Vanderbilt, The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette Using proper etiquette does not mean you are stuffy or old-fashioned. To me, having manners means you are a respectful person and considerate of others. […]

Best Money Tips: Earn Extra Money for the Holidays

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on earning extra money for the holidays, tips from the worlds most popular realtors, and taking the stress out of Christmas shopping. Top 5 Articles Earn Extra Money for the Holidays - 10 Ways to Boost Your Gift Budget — To increase your gift budget, do some odd jobs or start blog writing online. […]

10 Gift Ideas That Cost Almost Nothing

Link for teaser title: We all love to give gifts, but sometimes tight budgets make it difficult. Use these ideas to give thoughtful gifts without spending much — or any — money. […]

15 Cheap, Clever, and Attractive Ways to Save on Gift Wrapping Paper

Most wrapping paper hits the trash or recycle bin as soon as the gifts are opened. But, you can avoid throwing your hard earned dollars along with the wrapping paper in the trash this holiday season by using a few clever alternatives. Here are several ways to save on holiday gift wrap, while still making your gifts look great. (See also: Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas) 1. […]

The Ten Worst Money Mistakes Anyone Can Make

I’ve said many times that success in managing personal finances is pretty simple: spend less than you earn over a long period of time. If this is the heart of your financial plan, it's likely that you’ll be prosperous. That said, there is one other thing you’ll need to do – you must avoid the financial pitfalls that can significantly derail your finances. […]