December 5, 2013

Finding Valuable (and Inexpensive) Ways to Connect with My Children

One of the most powerful parts of parenthood is the fact that you get to watch your children grow and change over time. They start off as babies, where the bonding is easy. […]

Reader Mailbag: Financial Reality in Popular Music

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Smartphone recommendation 2. Making money at trading stocks 3. Sorting out different savings goals 4. Awful returns in Roth IRA 5. Rent or buy in Miami 6. Amazon Mom? 7. Odd banking experience 8. Time management failures 9. […]

Asked to donate at the register? Feel free to say ‘bah humbug’

Claes BellEver experience “donation shaming”? It’s a common practice, especially during the holidays, for cashiers at grocery stores and big box retailers to ask you if you want to donate a few dollars to a charity along with your purchase. “I’d like to say no. I spent twenty minutes clipping coupons to save $5 and now [...]Asked to donate at the register? […]

How I Got Over the Hump and Sold My Blog for $3 Million

Editor's note: Jim Wang launched the personal finance blog in 2005. Five years later, he sold the site for $3 million. Today, he runs, where he teaches new bloggers how to build successful blog businesses. There's always a wall. A hump. […]

5 Best Amazon Deals for Thursday 12/05

55% Off Dyson Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Today only! The DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner is an ultra-lightweight bagless canister vacuum for all floor types. It’s Dyson’s smallest, lightest canister but works like a full-size Dyson machine, with no loss of suction. 50% Off Rockport Men's Shoes - Today only! […]

Must-Do Home Maintenance That Saves You Money...and Might Save Your Family

Certain home maintenance matters are a given. But what about those not-so-obvious ones, and are they really worth it? Here is a quick breakdown of several home safety and prevention items so you can learn more about the protection they provide and how they might save you money down the road. […]

In praise of financial resilience

Note: This article is from J.D. Roth, who founded Get Rich Slowly in 2006. J.D.’s non-financial writing can be found at More Than Money. I had lunch with my friend Craig a few months ago. Craig is an architect, and he took me on a tour of his company’s offices. […]

Best Money Tips: Save Money on a Limited Income

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on saving money on a limited income, productivity gifts for the holidays, and coping with difficult work environments. Top 5 Articles How to Save Money on a Limited Income — Save money on a limited income by saving 10% of every paycheck. […]

10 Great Gift Ideas for Geeky Fanboys and Fangirls

If there is someone on your holiday list who is the biggest fan ever of something, or someone, it's pretty easy to make them happy by giving them anything that displays their love. Here are some ideas for the fanboy or girl in your life. […]

8 Gifts the Man in Your Life Really Wants

Link for teaser title: Truthfully no man wants a cardigan for Christmas, here are some sure fire gifts to make the men in your life smile. […]

The 5 Best Treadmills

Exercise is hard. Making time to exercise is even harder. However, having a treadmill around can make exercising much easier and more convenient. A good treadmill will enable you to fit in a good cardio workout at any time of day without leaving your home. But what makes a good treadmill? […]

Six Figure Interviews 8

Here's the latest in my series of six figure interviews, discussions with everyday people who have grown their incomes to at least $100,000 annually. My questions are in bold italics and their responses follow in black. […]