December 29, 2013

Today and Tomorrow

Today, I’m going to go on a walk. Although I’d rather curl up with a good book, it’s not a huge sacrifice to spend an hour walking instead. In fact, if I use a treadmill, I can prop a book up on it and read (although a bit slowly) while walking. If I make that little choice enough times, I’ll look better and feel better. […]

Comparing Retailers Beyond Mere Dollars and Cents

One local grocer offers employee ownership, great health benefits, and an enjoyable work environment. Whenever I go there, I see people with badges talking about how they’ve worked there for thirty years. Whenever you have a question, there’s virtually someone in every aisle who will walk you to whatever item it is that you’re looking for. […]

Unintended Consequences of a Move

This Reader Story is from GRS reader Jon, who writes for MoneySmartGuides, a personal finance blog that helps educate people on personal finance so that they can reach their financial dreams. He focuses mainly on investing and paying off debt since those are the two of the most challenging personal finance topics we face. […]

Holiday money: Spend it or save it?

While some people think that it’s crass to give gift cards or cash as presents, I’m just fine with it. A gift card can show thought just as much as any other gift, especially if you know what the person likes and can give a gift card to a store that they like. And if you’re of the opinion that gift cards are good, then cash is even better. It’s the most fungible of gifts. […]