February 17, 2014

Millionaire case studies: study and learn; find that one good idea

A while back my wife got me a mug that says “Future Millionaire” on it.  The statement on the mug for me is as true now as it was then.  o_O Though some people are predisposed to becoming millionaires, and some have greater obstacles in their path to do so, the path to millionare-ity isn’t rocket science: Spend less than you bring in. Save and invest the difference. Start early and behold the mag […]

Best IRA Accounts for 2014: Roth vs Traditional IRA

Most of the top companies that are home to the best IRA accounts are the same places where you would open up an online stock trading account. […]

The False Belief of Invincibility

When things are going well, it can be really easy to buy into your own invincibility. You can’t possibly lose your job. You’re dominating in the workplace and taking care of everything that can be asked of you. Your performance numbers are incredible. You can’t possibly get sick. […]

Study: Wealthy People Are Mean, Entitled, and Narcissistic

No, I’m not attempting to start a class warfare riot. As the title of this article states, recent studies have shown beyond any doubt how wealth or a feeling of wealth leads people to behave in a more self-interested manner. Paul K. […]

Reader Mailbag: Special Meals

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Father getting out of debt 2. Reporting interest 3. Freedom versus feeling like loser 4. Alcoholism and finances 5. Underwater home – should I care? 6. Dollar sign pros and cons 7. Down payment versus IRA 8. Age and money 9. […]

Can saving cyclically help you put away more?

Kristin WongYou probably have lofty goals and high hopes for your financial future. Forget about them. New research suggests that, when it comes to saving, a cyclical mindset trumps linear, goal-oriented thinking. People tend to save more money when they think about the present instead of the future, researchers found. […]

10 Ideas For What To Do With An Income Tax Refund

I have been working on my taxes and it looks like my wife and I will be getting an income tax refund this year.  That’s good news, because we are in the process of paying off our mortgage and every extra penny counts! A certain portion of our household income comes through self-employment, so judging withholding can be a bit tricky.  We tend to ere on the conservative-side and over-withhold – whic […]

30 Easy Ways to Unstick Something That's Stuck

Have you ever purchased an item only to have difficulty removing the price tag? Or tried to get chewing gum out of clothing or hair? Scrubbed a pan with burnt-on food? Had something stuck but you just could not get it "un-stuck"? Some of the best methods for unsticking require items you have in your home right now. If one doesn't work, try another! Here is a big list of the ones to start trying. […]

20 Delicious, Healthier Appetizers

My favorite type of party is the cocktail party. My parents threw quite a few of them in the '60s and '70s. To me, of course, it wasn't about the cocktails, but rather the dazzling array of interesting snacks. What a reprieve from ordinary dinner! […]

Best Money Tips: Ways Families Can Save Money in February

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on ways families can save in February, side hustle ideas, and smarter ways to give to charity. Top 5 Articles 6 Ways Families Can Save Money in February — To save money in February, families can shop President's Day sales. […]

Pick your hobbies strategically and save

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. For the most part, we think of hobbies as activities that we naturally gravitate toward. The idea of being strategic in our selection of hobbies may seem contradictory to their very nature! However, I think that being strategic in the selection and pursuit of hobbies isn’t mutually exclusive with enjoying yourself. […]

How to Sell Yourself to Potential Employers

You customize your resume and cover letter to fit each application and provide thorough explanations of how your unique set of qualifications make you the ideal candidate for the job. But could you be doing more to sell yourself to potential employers? […]

Will New Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards Stop Identity Theft?

If you were one of the 70 million Target customers whose credit card information was compromised this past holiday season, you may have found yourself thinking, "There's got to be a better way!" as you combed through your statements looking for fraudulent activity. (See also: How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud) As a matter of fact, there is, and it's been in place in Europe for a decade. […]

Six Figure Interviews 15

Here's the latest in my series of six figure interviews, discussions with everyday people who have grown their incomes to at least $100,000 annually. My questions are in bold italics and their responses follow in black. Let's get started...Tell us a bit about yourself.My wife and I are both 33 and we have two kids (6 and 2). […]

Are you investing or betting?

To my way of thinking, putting your money behind the Bitcoin represents a bet rather than an investment. Of course, the distinction can be confusing — outside of sports pages, the place you might most often see people referring to bets is in the financial news. Any large or prominent financial stake in something is likely to be referred to as a bet. […]