March 16, 2014

Six Principles of a Marriage Without Money Fights

During the first three or four years of our marriage, Sarah and I regularly argued about money issues. It never seemed as though there was enough money to pay for everything and, of course, it must be the other person’s fault, so we’d argue. Now? I honestly can’t remember our last argument about money. […]

Parenting, Permissiveness, and Money

Sarah and I have a laid-back policy when it comes to how our children spend their money. We regulate their allowance to a certain extent by requiring that they give a certain amount to charity and save some for the future (as discussed here). We also require that they put aside a little for a personal savings goal, usually an expensive toy, but as for the rest? […]

The Second Annual Chautauqua on Wealth and Happiness

Hey, everybody. J.D. here. Last September, I traveled to Ecuador to participate in a good old-fashioned chautauqua. Near Otavalo, I joined Mr. Money Mustache, Jim Collins, and Cheryl Reed to share what we knew about wealth and happiness. Twenty-two smart Canadians and Americans joined us for a week of workshops, one-on-one meetings, and excursions into the beautiful Ecuadoran countryside. […]