March 17, 2014

A Few Thoughts on Couples and Spending

This past weekend, Sarah and I enjoyed a “getaway weekend” in the Amana Colonies with another couple that we’ve been friends with for many years. Whenever Sarah and I have a “getaway weekend,” we plan ahead for a budget for that trip, setting a soft limit on how much we’re going to spend on food and other items, and this weekend was no different. Most of the weekend was very enjoyable. […]

Reader Mailbag: NCAA Tournament

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Elevation Group question 2. Income and home ownership 3. Prime price change 4. Struggling with expensive housing 5. LED bulbs break even point? 6. Buying gift cards 7. Handling an art collection 8. Ashamed of overspending 9. […]

Podcast 172: Jaime Tardy, The Eventual Millionaire

Although I was tracking my net worth closely, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment my total net worth would have crossed into seven figures and someone might consider me a millionaire. It was something I wasn’t thinking about for a variety of reasons, but because I was an entrepreneur, I was the owner of a business that was increasing in value. […]

Charity, hobby, or mistake? The cat we didn’t keep

This post is by staff writer Honey Smith. Jake and I have two cats and a dog. To us, having pets is one of the most important aspects of our lives and identity. You might even consider it a hobby. Unfortunately, it is a hobby that, as you will see, has not always been entirely strategic. Our love for animals has permeated much of our lives. […]

50 Fun, Free Ways to Have a Great Time With Friends

Meeting friends for dinner and a movie is one way to spend a weekend night. But sometimes, you may not have the budget or the desire to hit the town. Fortunately, you don't have to venture out to have a good time. Whether you're getting together with three or ten of your closest friends, here are 50 fun, free things you can do when you invite friends over. […]

How to Stop Being Afraid and Live Your Dreams

Babe Ruth once said, "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." To achieve our dreams, we have to be committed and determined. The twin fears of failure and rejection keep many people from pursuing what they want — dream careers, loving relationships, passion projects, and even moving to a new city. Fear is a powerful deterrent, although we can also turn it into an ally and motivator. […]

Always buy the biggest pizza…That’s why God created freezers…And big ziplock bags

Mitch StrohmWe suspect you don’t really need another reason to buy a bigger pizza. But if you do, here’s a great one: You’ll get more pizza for your money if you go with the larger pie. Quoctrung Bui of Planet Money recently studied this after noticing something while eating lunch with an engineer. […]

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Become More Hirable

If you are currently on the hunt for employment or have been considering a venture into a new job, there may be some things that need your attention pronto. It's easy to become complacent, especially if you've been working in the same job for multiple years. But when it is time to find a new job, you may have a lot of catching up to do. […]

8 Surprising Life and Money Lessons from Will Ferrell Movies

You may love Will Ferrell movies for the hilarious characters, catchy one-liners, and entertaining outfits, but if you watch closely, you'll spot some surprising personal finance and career advice tucked in amid the jokes. Come along for a brief synopsis of some of Will's movies and the lessons that can be learned. (See also: Personal Finance Lessons From Bruce Springsteen) 1. […]

How Many Americans Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck?

Time recently posted that nearly half of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Their summary: Too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck. […]

Weekend Getaway Giveaway

We are thrilled to be part of CouponPal and's amazing Weekend Getaway Giveaway! From March 17th through March 30th, you have a chance to win 20 Welcome Rewards® credits from as well as a $100 American Express gift card. […]

Sympathy for the banker

Bankers are not easy to love. In fact, from the mean old man in “It’s a Wonderful Life” to the bonus-baby CEOs who put the world through the financial crisis a few years ago, bankers have become a class of citizen that people love to hate. Like a lot of hatred, though, that sentiment might come back to haunt the hater — specifically, bank customers. […]