April 22, 2014

7 Excuses People Use to Avoid Financial Responsibility – And Why They’re Useless

This article first appeared in U.S. News and World Report Money. The recipe for finding financial success is an easy one. Spend less than you earn and do something sensible with the difference. If you do that over and over, you will see financial success. The challenge is actually making that happen. […]

Opportunity Costs and Conscious Spending: How Spending $1 Today Can Cost You $10 Tomorrow

Every time you make a choice, there's a cost. By choosing to buy one item, you pass on the opportunity to purchase other items. By choosing to do one thing, you pass on the opportunity to spend your time in any other way. Opportunity cost is what we give up in order to have the thing we choose. (See also: Decisions With Unexpected Financial Consequences) Imagine you own a delivery company. […]

Make an appointment with yourself to manage your money

This is a guest post from J.D. Roth, who founded the blog Get Rich Slowly in 2006. Roth wrote Your Money: The Missing Manual and is the “Your Money” columnist for Entrepreneur magazine. His latest project is a year-long course on how to master your money, which explains how to slash costs and boost income so that you can pursue early retirement and other goals. […]

Why Big Wins Are the Best Way to Boost Your Saving Rate

This is a guest post from J.D. Roth, who founded the Get Rich Slowly blog and currently writes at More Than Money. J.D. recently launched a year-long "Get Rich Slowly" course, which is based on the idea that you’d have greater financial success if you managed your money as if you were running a business. I’ve previously written about approaching your finances like a business. […]

Discover the Forest

One of the coolest online tools I’ve seen in a long time came to my attention this past weekend as I was thinking about our family’s weekend plans between now and Memorial Day. […]

Three More Invalid Criticisms of David Bach’s Latte Factor

I recently appeared on the Stacking Benjamins podcast to talk with Joe Saul-Sehy about the Debt Avalanche and the Debt Snowball, two very similar methods of paying off existing debt — usually applied to situations that involve mutiple credit cards. They two approaches differ in one important aspect, and I’ve discussed that in detail on Consumerism Commentary. […]

More on how to stop buying clothes you never wear

This article is by staff writer April Dykman. More than four years ago, I wrote a post for Get Rich Slowly about how to stop buying clothes you never wear. I wasn’t sure how it would go over, to be honest. We don’t discuss fashion much in our little corner of the Internet, and I also worried about being judged for my sordid, non-frugal past. […]

10 Great Gifts for Frequent Travelers

Sponsored by Skype — Use Skype Credit to call mobiles and landlines home and abroad at low rates. In these days of per-bag airline fees, we all want to travel light. And yet, friends seem compelled to send us on our way with bon voyage presents that weigh us down. If you must give more than a hug goodbye to a traveling friend, why not go with one of these weightless or lightweight ideas? 1. […]

Ask the Readers: What Is Your Favorite Budgeting Tool?

We all want to have an easier time managing our finances. That's where budgeting tools come in! They can be as high-tech as a money-tracking-app-doodad, or as simple as a pen and paper. […]

10 No-Stress Ways to Do More in Less Time

Sometimes I work too much. There, I said it. It shames me a bit, to be honest. But what really bothers me about that scenario, when it happens, is that I don't accomplish wonderful and amazing things. At all. Instead, I get really tired, and really grouchy, and I work more and more slowly and ineffectually so that I end up having to work even more. […]

The 5 Most Important Financial Lessons People Learn in Their 20s (Did You?)

Your 20s is a time for living life and discovering your path. It's also an incredibly important time to create a lasting effect on your finances. Financial planning isn't something you do when you get old; in fact, due to the financial lessons I learned in my 20s, I "retired" at 30 to travel full-time, knowing my financial future was safe because of what I did in my 20s. […]

Best Money Tips: Cheap and Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on cheap and easy DIY home improvement projects, jobs to satisfy your wander lust, and putting your tax refund to work. Top 5 Articles 10 cheap and easy D-I-Y home improvement projects — Painting and replacing your shower head are just a couple cheap and easy DIY home improvement projects you can do! […]

These 5 Apps Will Save You Money on Your Next Vacation

There are few modern pieces of technology that are considered as much of an everyday necessity as the smartphone. Indeed, most people are practically tethered to their mobile devices, so suggesting they leave them at home before embarking on a business trip or vacation is a laughable proposition at best. […]

You Never Need to Pay to Watch Movies — Here's Why

The movie-going experience has gotten very expensive lately — I recently paid $14.50 for an afternoon ticket to a regular 2-D movie — which has many of us rethinking entertainment and spending habits. If you love to watch movies like I do, but hate spending a major chunk of change just to see one, bookmark this list of ways you'll never have to pay for movies again. […]

7 Habits of Extremely Punctual People

Being fashionably late is so out of fashion — arriving late to interviews, meetings, and appointments is not only rude, but can also negatively impact your career and relationships. If you are constantly rushing out the door but still can't seem to make a rendezvous on time, maybe it's time for a lifestyle change. […]