April 27, 2014

20 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Fund

The dreaded ‘check engine’ light is one reason you need an emergency fund. Photo: Jim Larrison If you don’t think you need an emergency fund, think again. No matter how financially prepared you are, life has a way of throwing curve balls that you never expect. […]

The Idea Behind Habits

Whenever I want to make a positive change appear in my life, I usually approach it in one of two ways. I either try to get rid of a bad habit or I try to establish a good habit. Habits are at the center of both of those ideas. It’s around that hinge of habits that I try to improve myself. […]

Naked With Cash: Laura and Leon, March 2014

Naked With Cash is an ongoing series at Consumerism Commentary in which readers share their households’ finances with other readers. These participants benefit from the accountability that comes from tracking their finances publicly and the feedback of the four expert Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). For more information, read this introduction. […]

Reader Stories: 6 ways to doubt yourself and do it anyway

This post comes from one of our readers, Adam Fisch. Some reader stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. These stories feature folks with all levels of financial maturity and income. Want to submit your own reader story? Here’s how. […]