May 2014

Retirement Age and Changing Lifespans

Not too long ago, I was at the library researching an article on Social Security and the value people could expect to get from it using historical numbers. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #180

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. […]

Wise Bread Hiring a Digital Ad Sales Director: Telecommute + Great Benefits

Link for teaser title: Full time, work-from-home position. Benefits include healthcare, dental, 401K and paid vacation days. CA residents only. […]

In Sickness and in Wealth: Why Today’s Couples Keep Separate Accounts

This post comes from Shana Lebowitz at our partner site LearnVest. It’s hard to find a more romantic topic than banking—but nearly every couple eventually faces the question: Should we combine our money or keep separate accounts? According to a new survey by TD Bank, the answer is often “both.” Nearly half (42%) of couples with joint bank accounts also keep individual ones. […]

There Is No “Magic Bullet”

Whenever I face a problem in my life, I want to solve it. Now. The sooner the better. When Sarah and I first started to face up to our financial troubles in 2006, I wanted a solution. Now. The sooner the better. I went to the library and checked out a mountain of books. I buried myself deep into the pages. I went crazy with frugality, counting every single penny. […]

Credit Card Interest Typically Compounds Daily – Here’s How to Take Advantage of That

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on the idea of interest that accrues daily. Here’s a brief explanation; check out the full post for more details: Some banks will accrue interest daily. Some even accrue it continuously. […]

Ask the readers: Do you gamble?

This article is by staff writer April Dykman. When I was in college, I dated a guy with money problems. For instance, six months into the relationship, I found out that he owed a few people money. Like his ex-girlfriend. And then his dad, who gave him the money to pay the ex-girlfriend. And then he still owed the ex-girlfriend, since he spent the money his dad gave him on who knows what. […]

Thinking About Vacation

For the past two years, we've taken our "big" vacation each January. We're trying to take fun and exciting trips with our kids while they are still home, before college kicks in and they scatter to one place or another. For reference, we took a 10-day Caribbean cruise in 2012 and a 12-day one in 2013 (which was preceded by two days in New York City). […]

10 Body Language Mistakes That Can Sabotage Any Social Interaction

The good news: this great breakdown of common body language foibles during job interviews can help get you hired. Bad news: there are loads of other important situations your body language may be ruining! Whether you're on a date, at a cocktail party, or interacting with someone you're not completely comfortable with yet in any other situation, the physical cues you give off can have big repercuss […]

10 Smart Things to Do During Your Commute (Even If You Drive!)

If you take public transportation (or carpool and ride as a passenger) to work, you may feel that this is time wasted. So why not do something that can also improve your life? Even if you drive to work, there are ways to make your boring commute a smart commute. (See also: How to Make Your Commute Profitable) 1. […]

Best Money Tips: Free Things You Can Do This Summer

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on free things you can do this summer, saving money at home, and managing your fear of money. Top 5 Articles 31 Fun and Free Things You Can Do This Summer — This summer, go on a long hike or borrow a friend's paddleboard and try it out! […]

15 Ways to Suck Up at Work That Won't Make You Feel Slimy

Sucking up may be perceived by many as an easy way to manipulate someone else to your own advantage. But sucking up is really an art form, a craft that must be fine-tuned and mastered to be effective. There is actually a formal terminology for the classic term of sucking up. […]

If You're Traveling With These 8 Things, You're Overpacking

Packing light doesn't just save you money on luggage fees; it also gives you more freedom to move around and explore. Here's the main thing to remember: It won't be a disaster if you don't have something when you need it during the trip. Most of the time, you can simply buy it there. […]

How to Have an Above-Average Life for Below-Average Prices

The average person is stuck paying the average price for everything. But you're not an average person. You're a unique person. Your choices can boost you above average. A while back, I happened across a chart of "average apartment prices" for different cities, and I was surprised to find that I was living in an apartment that cost quite a bit less than average (and it was a great apartment). […]

10 Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement

The majority of Americans today are worried about not having enough money for retirement, according to a recent Gallup survey. It's no wonder, either, as retirement safety nets like pension plans and social security benefits are quickly diminishing. In the future, only those who have taken charge of their retirement plans will have a chance at living out those golden years in comfort. […]

4 Surprising Places to Find Deals on Health Care

In a time when everything can be purchased online, finding deals that keep you healthy is becoming easier and more affordable. There are a number of sites available for purchasing deals in health care. Here are a few that you should check out if you are in the market to save on your medical expenses, too. (See also: Health Care Price Lists: A Short Guide) 1. […]

Building a Better Day

On Tuesday, I woke up, got the kids ready for school, spread organic fertilizer over our back yard, got in contact with a local Congressional campaign about volunteering for them, spent two hours at the library doing research, wrote three articles, read a few chapters of a challenging book, played with my children for a good hour, made a frittata for supper, walked two miles, spent thirty minutes […]

Reader Mailbag: The Walk

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Space heaters 2. Trader Joe’s 3. Too cheap around friends 4. Keeping funds separate 5. Parenting and work 6. Clark Howard thoughts 7. Dealing with partner’s debt 8. Lending Club as borrower 9. Parental guilt 10. […]

In defense of frugality

This article is by staff writer Kristin Wong. Frugality isn’t very sexy. I’ll admit that. For most people, the concept of thrift probably conjures images of coupon clipping, stock photos of piggy banks, and Benjamin Franklin — none of which are terribly glamorous. Frugality, is, however, in line with the concept of getting rich slowly. […]

Crib Notes on the 6 Best Personal Finance TED Talks

There are some amazing TED talks about saving money out there, but what about saving time? As in, the time that it takes to watch them all. We've got you covered. We've picked out the 6 best personal finance TED talks. […]