May 8, 2014

Wise Bread Teams Up With Skype to Help Families Stay in Touch for Less

We've teamed up with software company Skype to create Skype Hub — a special section featuring tips to help people save money when traveling, staying in touch with friends and family, or starting their own small business. […]

Grace And The Wild Blackberries

They grow in the field behind our house. Wild. Free. Blackberries! My son and I just picked a small, bucket-full of fresh, wild blackberries. A harvest of delicious and nutritious bites of awesome. A small bowl of delicious, wild blackberries. Picking blackberries is pretty simple. Watch out for the thorns. Be careful not to squish each berry. […]

Slow and Steady in an Instant World

Right now, I can buy almost every book I can think of with a few clicks of the mouse. In fact, I can find almost any product I can imagine and easily have it delivered to my home in just a few days. It just takes a moment. It is so easy to begin to expect to see results from everything almost immediately. […]

Naked With Cash: Betsey S, April 2014

Naked With Cash is an ongoing series at Consumerism Commentary in which readers share their households’ finances with other readers. These participants benefit from the accountability that comes from tracking their finances publicly and the feedback of the four expert Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). For more information, read this introduction. […]

Should You Become an Angel Investor?

Two years ago I wrote about how I was “winding down”, whatever that means, after selling Consumerism Commentary, in the sense that I was looking to involve myself in new projects. I was considering, among other things, investing a portion of my assets in start-up companies. In fact, I signed up for a service called AngelList that pairs potential investors with visionaries looking for capital. […]

Reader Mailbag: Lifetime Learning

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Protecting small business idea 2. Idea for app 3. Church donation advice 4. Side business income 5. Weird student loan arrangement 6. One meal a day 7. Gardening advice 8. Retire now? 9. Rollover or pension? 10. […]

Coming to terms: retirement vs. financial independence

Note: This article is from J.D. Roth, who founded Get Rich Slowly in 2006. J.D. recently launched the Get Rich Slowly course, a year-long guide on how to master your money. Last Sunday, I shared the transcript of a recent conversation between me and Mr. Money Mustache. We talked a lot about retirement and what it takes to get there. […]

The 5 Secrets of Happy, Rich People That You Can Learn From

Rich and happy? Is that really a question? The Beatles sang that "money can't buy me love," which has been argued with some cynicism ever since. More money does, in fact, make us happier — up to a point. The rich can teach us a little bit about happiness, even beyond the fleeting happiness of spending money. […]

How to Sign Up for Half-Price Flights and Free Hotels

Looking for a unique way to save money on flights and get free hotels? How about car rentals, bus rides, and even restaurant meals? You can save big bucks on travel by becoming a mystery shopper. I recently took a flight from Canada to Peru for a 50% discount. […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Be Happier With Your Work Life

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on ways to be happier with your work life, spoiling mom this Mother's Day without spending a fortune, and affordable ways to make your home original. Top 5 Articles 10 Ways to Be Happier with Your Work Life — To be happier with your work life, eat healthy and follow your passion. […]

Why You Should Build a Frugal Community — and How to Do It

At this moment, my husband and I are both unemployed. And although this sounds nuts, we are actually trying to maximize the duration of his unemployment. I want my husband to be able to find a job that makes him happy, not just the job that comes along first. […]

People Who Became Millionaires Overnight (and What They Did With the Money)

In his book "Money for Nothing: One Man's Journey Through the Dark Side of Lottery Millions," Edward Ugel wrote that many lottery winners were happier before they became millionaires. He should know. His job was to buy lotto winners' annuities for a fraction of their value, giving shortsighted winners a quick hit of cash and thereby helping them pour the bulk of their money down the drain. […]

Is the Corporate Career Track Right for You?

A corporate career was once the dream for middle class America. It provided financial security, social respect, and a shot at reaching the upper class. Today, the corporate career track is profoundly different than in the past. Billion dollar startups and average-joe media sensations have robbed the corporate life of its glamour. […]

How to Stay in a 5-Star Hotel for Less Than the Cost of a Motel

Ocean-front resorts, ski-out rooms, four and five star hotels, suites, and included breakfasts may sound like hotel perks reserved for those shelling out big bucks on vacation, but the truth is that my family often stays in those hotels and with those perks without breaking the bank. We have stayed in four and five star hotels for less than the cost of a roadside motel. […]