June 13, 2014

Best Credit Cards of 2016

The best credit cards generally offer low interest rates, great perks, and no hidden fees. However, that doesn’t mean the “right” card is the same for each person. Because each credit card offer is as different as we are, the best card for your needs depends on your spending habits, credit score, and personal credit goals. […]

Are You Being Had? Learn From 5 Crazy Ponzi Schemes

Whether you call them "Ponzi schemes" or "pyramid schemes," one thing you definitely don't want to call investment scams is "something I fell for." So take a look at a few of history's biggest and boldest schemes — each illustrates something to keep in mind when weighing your own investment opportunities. […]

The Addiction of Momentary Pleasure and Seeking the Peak

I really enjoy a big gulp of orange juice. That mix of tartness and sweetness across my tongue is just sublime. I relish the feeling I get from pulling the plastic off of a new board game and popping out all of the pieces. […]

6 Time-Tested Ways to Make a Relationship Work

If you're like me, you're 100% human, complete with quirks, talents, shortcomings, and a generous portion of dysfunction. We are all, to put it gracefully, "works in progress." This is why relationships can be so difficult. We're taking two dysfunctional people and mashing them together. In a relationship, you're not just dealing with your own personal issues. […]

Best Money Tips: Financial Tips From Dad

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on financial tips from dad, managing your money in retirement, and financial goals everyone should strive for. Top 5 Articles Father Knows Best — Financial Tips From Dad — Did your dad teach you that money can't buy happiness? […]

Healthy People Have These 10 Things in Their Homes — Do You?

Fostering healthy habits is not only good for your body and mind, but it can also save you money. So, if we were to peek into the home of a textbook case healthy person, what might we find? (I love snooping!) Well, the following items would be a safe bet. 1. […]

Sixteen Tricks for Maximizing a Small Home or Apartment

When Sarah and I were first married in 2003, we moved into a pretty small apartment. According to what I could find online about it, it measured in at about 550 square feet. We viewed it as a temporary solution. It was okay for just the two of us, but we wanted a family and an apartment like that wasn’t going to work with children. Or so we thought. In 2005, our first child arrived. […]

When You Blame Them, You’re Just Making Excuses

Them. It’s easy to blame them. If it wasn’t for them, I would have a good job. I would have a publishing contract. I would have more money. […]

How to Get Magazines for Cheap (or Free!)

Beautiful, glossy magazines may be your guilty pleasure, but they don't have to cost you a pretty penny. There are ways to get them at a discount or even free. Check out some of these suggestions: RELATED: 13 Ways to Get Free Books Your Local Library There are so many free goodies to be had at the library, one of which includes an extensive collection of magazines. […]

Do This One Thing Every Day to Defeat Out-of-Control Spending

Do you wince when you open up your monthly credit card statement? Do you look at the savings in your bank account at the end of the month and wonder where all of your money went? You're not alone. […]

Ask the Readers: Are the “golden handcuffs” real or self-imposed?

This article is by editor Linda Vergon. Last December, Honey Smith was in the throes of some major life changes – her husband started his own business, only to sell it and start a new job, adding to the pressure to move and possibly buy a house. She wrote about it in her blog post “When the right choice isn’t obvious” and basically asked the readers which direction she should take. […]

The Most Effective Way to Build Wealth

Money magazine asked its readers over 50 what is the most effective way to build wealth. The results: 74% - Consistent saving 10% - Savvy investing Anyone surprised? Not me.In fact, it's not only the opinion of these readers that saving more is the best way to maximize your wealth, but the numbers prove it out as well. […]

6 Things You Might Do on Your First Day of Retirement

Besides saving, planning, and being practically prepared for when you end the working phase of your life, how will it actually feel? What will you be thinking? […]

Flex or Fiction: How Accommodating Is Your Job?

This post comes from Anna Williams at our partner site LearnVest. When it comes to work perks, flexibility is one of our favorite nice-to-haves—whether that means occasionally telecommuting from home, working variable hours or being part of a job share. In fact, a 2013 LearnVest study found that more than half of us would prefer a flexible schedule. […]