June 17, 2014

Do This One Thing Every Day to Defeat Negativity

"The sky is falling… the sky is falling!" exclaimed Chicken Little when an acorn fell from a tree and hit her on the head. Sound familiar? Do you assume the worst when your boss calls you in for a meeting, or when your partner says, "We need to talk?" Negativity is a habit. It's a half-glass-empty thinking style that results from a subconscious focus on the doom and gloom. […]

Best Money Tips: Money-Making Schemes to Score You Quick Cash

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some wonderful articles on money-making schemes to score you quick cash, maintaining professional bridges, and family summer vacation ideas on a budget. Top 5 Articles 11 Money-Making Schemes to Score You Quick Cash — Babysitting and selling your stuff are just a couple ways to make some quick cash. […]

Infographic: Always Know Who Should Pick Up the Check

You've just had a nice dinner, great conversation, and many laughs. The server has dropped off the check, and the last bites of dessert have been consumed. The age-old dilemma arises — who picks up the check? Here is a quick infographic guide that helps you figure it out. […]

Ask the Readers: Are You Part of a CSA?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a great way to buy local, seasonal produce (and more!) straight from the farm. A CSA membership allows you get a regular supply of fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, or other groceries through the season. However, this kind of service isn't available everywhere, and the subscription cost may not be worth it for some. Are you part of a CSA? […]

Don’t Waste Food! A Ten Step Strategy to Avoid the Expense of Food Gone Bad

One of the biggest frustrations I have as a money-conscious person is when I toss something out that could have been used if I had just planned better. It’s painful whether I’m tossing out something that’s rusty, something that’s water damaged, or something that’s spoiled. This “tossing out ‘could have been used’ stuff” phenomenon happens most often when I’m dealing with food. […]

Homemade Sunblock and 6 Other Non-Toxic Recipes to Get Your Skin Sun-Ready

As the days get brighter and the nights warm up, we're spending more and more time outdoors. Summer is the prime season for enjoyment and activity, but it's also the height of painful sunburns. I'm trying to become more conscious and careful about the lotions and salves I slather onto my body. Sometimes, even the most natural sunblocks contain more harmful ingredients than I'd like to see. […]

Homeowners: Could this save you thousands in just a few hours?

This article is by staff writer April Dykman. You know all those great tactics to save huge chunks of cash — the tactics that don’t require you to scrimp and save? I’m talking about things like lowering the APR on your credit card or getting a better deal on your car insurance — paying less for the stuff that’s kind of a drag to pay for in the first place. […]

14 Dumb Things Holding You Back From Losing Weight

If the number of advertisements, books, TV shows, and websites devoted to weight loss are any indicator, losing weight is generally viewed as a monumental task, one that requires many pages of instruction and encouragement, as well as starving and sweating and self denial. Or… maybe not. After all, many studies suggest that gaining and losing weight aren't so much tied to one big effort so much as […]

Clams, Cheese, and Bread: Why We Call Money What We Do

Money. Sadly, it does make the world go around. There are around 180 different types of currency in the world, including the Albanian lek, the Haitian gourde, the Moroccan dirham, and the Zambian kwacha. But you are more likely to know the slang terms for the US dollar and the British pound than any of those. Do you know where those terms actually came from? […]