June 20, 2014

NEW Discover It Chrome Card: No Fuss Rewards

When the Discover it card hit the scene, it made waves with hype from their marketing campaign. It offered 5% cash back on special rotating categories, as well as a shopping portal that promised 5%-20% cash back at popular stores. They've just released the Discover it chrome. […]

7 Weird Money Laws You May Have Broken

Money can make people do strange things. But what about when money laws themselves are beyond comprehension? From bizarre tax systems at home to monarchy-imposed oddities abroad, the world is full of some very odd laws governing the spending and collecting of money. Lucky for you, this list of them is free. 1. Don't Step Thailand's king is featured prominently on all the country's currency. […]

Laser vs. Inkjet: Choosing the Wrong Printer Could Cost You

Costing more than luxury perfumes and high-end alcohol, printer ink is probably the most expensive liquid per volume that you buy. Consumers deride the high cost of printer ink yet accept it as a necessary evil. It seems as though we have no other choice but to plunk down big bucks on cartridges that seem to evaporate overnight, right? […]

Best Money Tips: Save on the Cost of College

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on saving on the cost of college, how to hide resume flaws, and things you must know about your future spouse's finances. Top 5 Articles 7 Ways to Save on the Cost of College — To save on the cost of college, apply for scholarships and graduate quickly. […]

10 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Life Without Paying Luxury Prices

Turn on the TV or flip through any popular magazine and you'll be assaulted with images of luxury: fast cars, sparkling jewelry, expensive clothes, and the independently wealthy people that enjoy them. (See also: 9 Insane Luxury Items for You to Laugh At) We can't help but want nice things, but luxury isn't found only in things. […]

4 Weird Brain Hacks That Make You a Better Person With Almost No Effort

We tend to think of our personalities as pretty set in stone. If you have always been short-tempered or shy or change-averse, you may think that it's simply who you are. Yes, you might be able to work hard over years to chip away at the aspects of your personality that you'd like to change, but overall, what you see it what you get. […]

The Razor Experiment: Smart Tactics for Razor Blades

I’ve been clean shaven for almost my entire adult life (aside from a disastrous beard experiment in college). […]

7 Simple Ways to Make Better Decisions

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Our lives are full of them. And what's more, the sheer volume of options available for any given choice is virtually infinite. As Barry Swartz mentions in his TED Talk, your local grocery has around 285 varieties of cookies, 175 different salad dressing options, and 230 unique soups. […]

Ask the Readers: How do you monitor and improve your credit?

This article is by editor Linda Vergon. Holly Johnson’s post (“The high cost of keeping up with the Joneses”) got me thinking about a number of things this week, but mostly about how people manage their credit. Obviously, if you’re intent on keeping up with the Joneses and you’re living above your means, that house of cards is going to fall, right? […]

What Is Your Financial Kryptonite (and How to Conquer It)

Do you worry about keeping up with the Joneses? One way or another, we all battle some sort of financial demon we'd be better off without. What's your personal financial weakness — and how can you conquer it? […]

What Does It Mean to be Self Made?

On my post about what we've learned from millionaires there was a bit of discussion about what it means to be "self made". One commenter suggested the following: If you started off middle-class or inherited anything from your parents, you're not "self-made." Which is fine. There's no shame in your parents' having been able to give you advantages. […]

The 5 Best Laser Printers

When it comes to making large and frequent printing jobs, very few devices compare to laser printers. Laser printers excel at printing large amounts of text at good cost, and at high speed. The best color laser printers can also print out graphics and photos at good quality. […]

A new career stepping stone? More apprenticeships coming to companies near you

This post comes from Jenny Paxton at our partner site LearnVest. Apprenticeships—formal programs that consist of on-the-job, paid training, mentorship and related classroom education—may be the solution to the pressing skills gap between employers’ needs and job seekers’ training. […]

A killer Amazon Subscribe and Save tactic

We really, really like us some Amazon.  For convenience, time savings, speed — and most of all cost — Amazon has a ton to offer. Some of the groceries we get are a bit pricey because common ingredients don’t agree with some family members.  Often, Amazon comes through with the right products at a good price. Even better:  a few of the items we buy are made even cheaper with Subscribe and Save.  We […]