July 17, 2014

Rebate site review: Ebates

Ebates was the first rebate site I used.  I’ve been a member since 2002.  The site has been around since 1998.  That’s last century, if you’re keeping track. I use rebate sites all the time.  Every chance I get, as a matter of fact!  For a miniscule amount of extra work, I can save a few dollars or even more than a few on a lot of online purchases. Using Ebates is simple: Sign up for an Ebates ac […]

Best Money Tips: The Cheap Eats Edition

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some of the best articles from around the web on ways to keep your food expenses low. Top 5 Articles 98 Cheap and Easy Foods to Make Under 5 Bucks! — Did you know you can make breakfast burritos and French Onion soup for under $5? […]

Improve Your Social Skills With Highlights From 5 Great TED Talks

TED talks have covered so many important topics, but arguably the most important? Social skills. (See also: 18 Things People With Good Social Skills Never Do) We are social animals… as long as we're not too busy watching brilliant TED talks to act on what we've learned. […]

Convert Your Crap Into Cash Without a Garage Sale

We all have extra stuff lying around that we'd love to pawn off for cash — in theory. But let's face it. Organizing a garage sale can be sort of like planning a dinner party without the payoff of good friends, good conversation, and a couple of refreshing gin and tonics. […]

Microsoft to Lay Off 18,000 Employees: How an Acquisition Affects Your Job

Over the next year, Microsoft’s executive management plans to lay off 18,000 employees, including factory workers and those in professional positions. Redundancy. As Microsoft acquired new companies, at least according to the news reports that tend to take a company’s press release and spokesperson responses at face value, they have the potential to take advantage of consolidated businesses. […]

Home Cycling as a Financial Strategy

Home cycling is a pretty nifty financial strategy. At its core, the idea revolves around buying a low-end home, fixing and upgrading it, and then selling it for a profit off the back of your own time and energy investment in that home. […]

12 Ways Kids Can Teach Us About Money

"If someone gave me $10, I would buy a toy from the movie Frozen," recently said one of my favorite 8-year-olds. "What if the store didn't have the one you wanted?" asked his mom. "Then I would save my money." With their untarnished idealism and often very pragmatic ways of thinking, kids can teach us a lot about life — and about money. 1. […]

Don’t let your emotions drive your car-buying decisions

This article is by staff writer Sam, the Financial Samurai. I was in the 6th grade when I first laid eyes on her. She was a 1989 BMW 635i Coupe that did donuts in the school’s parking lot after class thanks to an obnoxious, rich 11th-grader who got the car as a birthday present. I was immediately smitten and promised myself one day I’d be able to buy such a car too. […]

14 Things Good Hosts Never Do

I throw a couple parties a year and host overnight guests regularly as an Airbnb host, but I'm far from the host with the most. Still, I strive to be better. That's why I polled a few friends and experts to see what's on their list of party fouls that a good host would never commit. (See also: Don't Ruin the Party: 11 Things Good Guests Never Do) 1. […]

The 5 Best Bluetooth Earphones

Whether you're commuting to work, working out at the gym, or just looking to relax, nothing passes the time better than listening to your favorite tunes on a good pair of earphones. […]