August 5, 2014

Large families and activity discounts

I was chatting briefly with a colleague yesterday about married life.  (He was going to be best man in a friend’s wedding in a couple of weeks.)  In the course of the conversation, I admitted that saving money was a heck of a lot easier before I was married, but that I wouldn’t go back to being single by choice for anything.  Everything has pros and cons. He saw the picture of my daughter that I h […]

Replace These 8 Luxury Buys With Their Cheaper, Better Alternatives

Does the price of an item really determine its quality? Well, this depends on who you ask and what you're buying. (See also: How to Have an Above Average Life for Below Average Prices) As a savvy shopper, I believe that paying more for certain items is a better buy. […]

Best Money Tips: Saving on Designer Wear

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on saving on designer wear, cleaning without cleaning, and re-evaluating financial priorities. Top 5 Articles Saving on Designer Wear — Making use of coupons and focusing on style instead of brand can help you save on designer wear. […]

How Depression Threatens Financial Well-Being

An estimated 9.1% of the population in the United States have symptoms of depression, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Depressive illnesses are more than just being sad occasionally. […]

This One Easy Strategy Will Lead to Better Decisions

Decisions… decisions… decisions. Every day, we are given the opportunity to make choices, from what to eat for breakfast to whether or not to accept a job offer. Yet sometimes making a decision feels more like a burden than a gift. Do you struggle with decision-making? If so, the "try-on-the-alternatives" strategy might help. […]

Ask the Readers: Will You Shop Back-to-School Sales?

'Tis the season! Families are combing store ads to equip the kids with affordable back-to-school gear — and they're not the only ones! You don't need to be a student (or shopping for one) to take advantage of the great deals on school supplies, electronics, and dorm ware. Will you shop back-to-school sales? What items are on your to-buy list? […]

Moments of Change

One of my favorite posts I’ve ever written for The Simple Dollar was called “The Longest Night.” In it, I discussed the day that I hit financial bottom. It was an afternoon in April 2006. As I sat down to pay some bills, I looked at the balance of our checking account and realized that we simply did not have enough cash on hand to pay those bills. […]

The 6 Stages of Dealing With Financial Disaster

Sometimes, no matter how frugal and prudent we are, financial disaster hits and turns our lives upside down. Maybe it's an unexpected health issue that we're not insured for, a whopping and unavoidable housing expense, or a job loss that leads to a long stretch of unemployment. It happens — and if it hasn't happened to you, you probably know someone who's been down that rocky road. […]

Can you trust those government numbers?

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. Ever hear someone say, “You can’t trust those government statistics”? When they say inflation is 1.6 percent, do you feel they might be fudging the numbers to bamboozle the masses? Many people, even the highly educated, feel there is a government conspiracy to doctor the numbers and make them look better or maybe just make us feel better. […]

4 Workout Recovery Essentials for a Healthier Body

We focus intently on our workouts. We spend much time finding new ways to challenge our bodies and burst through plateaus. We sink money into races and events aimed at showcasing our progress and athletic prowess. But one aspect of exercise often slips through the cracks and that is: recovery. And it's essential for keeping our muscles, bones, and minds healthy. […]

The 5 Best Carry-On Luggage

Checking in your baggage can make the tedious task of flying even more difficult by forcing you to go through an extra line. For those that travel frequently, a sturdy carry-on bag that can carry a lot, but doesn't need to be checked is a worthy investment that will save you time and energy. […]