August 18, 2015

Save Hundreds on Back to School Shopping with These Credit Card Tricks

Preparing for the return to school, whether it’s the first year for your preschooler or Freshman year at college, can be overwhelming and expensive. With back to school shopping predicted to be approximately $630 per year per student, many shoppers are more than happy to take every discount... […]

Ouch! 5 Ways to Make Paying for the Dentist Less Painful

A trip to the dentist might not hurt your pocket if you have dental insurance. All you have to do is flash your insurance card, cover your co-pay, and be on your merry way. But without dental insurance, a routine visit might be more than you bargained for. Not only is there the agony of dealing... […]

Best Money Tips: Daily Purchases That Hurt Your Budget

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on daily purchases that hurt your budget, affordable cities for settling down, and bad news for Spotify users. Top 5 Articles 10 Daily Purchases That Hurt Your Budget as Much as Morning Coffee — Your morning... […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 08/18

Link for teaser title: Macy's Flash Tuesday Sale: 20% to 75% off, College Gear at Target: Up to 30% off + 10% off, $2 off Aleve 80ct or... […]

20 Hiking Hacks to Take to the Trail This Summer

A lot of people who want to spend more time outdoors are quickly drawn to hiking. After all, hiking can be really accessible. You don't need a lot of technical skills or fancy gear, and it's a lot less intimidating than, say, rock climbing or whitewater rafting. But hiking is not just walking, or... […]

Ask the Readers: What is Your Best Back-to-School Shopping Tip?

It's back-to-school season! According to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, parents anticipate spending a whopping average of $1,239 on school gear for their kids, up 24% since 2010! That's a lot of money, and a big incentive for finding ways to save on back-to-school... […]

How to Build a Strong Frugal Mindset

How do you make frugal behavior second nature? One way is to avoid carrying pocket money. Having excess cash or a credit card handy makes impulsive spending that much easier. Photo: Mike Schmid Over the past few years, I’ve developed a surprisingly strong mindset for making naturally frugal choices, to the point where non-frugal choices often feel inherently wrong to me on some level. […]

12 Easy Ways to Manage Your Finances Before, During, and After a Military Deployment

Anyone serving in the armed forces can tell you that returning from a deployment can be just as traumatic in many ways as leaving. Re-finding your role in the family dynamic, returning to the office if you are a reservist with a civilian job, and even readjusting to mundane things like stopping at... […]

8 Credit Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Mortgage Application

Sponsored by Chase Mortgage Banking. Review their resources to help you find and finance your home. See more ways you can improve your credit score today. This article is from Lynn Truong of Wise Bread, an award-winning personal finance and credit card comparison website. Read... […]

What is an index fund exactly?

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. [This is the second installment in a series examining index funds. In Part I, we looked at the managed mutual fund market. In this installment, we will look at how an index is calculated and what an index fund is. […]

7 Unexpected Uses for Honey

Honey is a lot more than just a sweet treat. It has uses ranging from medicinal to athletic, all of which are rather unexpected when you're used to just eating the stuff. Sure, we can keep it in our kitchens (and, seriously, who wouldn't want to do that?), but we can also put it in our medicine... […]

Retirement Planning and Advice

Retirement does not always go the way people expect. While no two experiences are exactly the same, over time it seems that people’s financial situations in retirement tend to fall into one of a few distinct categories. As you think ahead to how you want your retirement to go, keep the following categories in mind. They offer useful examples of what to avoid and what you might want to emulate. 1. […]